Losing weight with diabetes 2 - strict nutrition therapy required

Weight LossBochum, Germany - Medicine alone will not help a diabetes 2 patient lose weight. A nutrition plan, plus a routine of endurance and strength training, is the key.

Unless they lose weight, diabetes 2 patients run a higher risk of accompanying diseases like high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, according to the German Diabetes Association.

Together with other medical organizations, the association recommended a four-step weight reduction diet.

Patients should limit themselves to 60 grams of fat a day, which should equal four kilogrammes of weight loss within six months. Next, overall food consumption is ratcheted down in favour of more energy intensive foods like potatoes and grains.

In the next controversial step, pre-prepared drinks like soups and granola bars are introduced to the diet. Studies have shown these products yield good results.

Some experts recommend a fourth step: relying exclusively on pre- prepared foods. But this last stage should not last more than three months. (dpa)