Loud Snoring Linked To Heart Disease, Says Study

Researchers of Semmelweis University in Budapest have conducted a studyLoud Snoring and discovered that loud snoring can give rise to heart attacks and strokes.

After surveying about 12, 463 Hungarians, the researchers discovered that loud snorers are more likely to have 34 percent higher risk of heart attack, 67 percent greater chance of suffering a stroke and 40 percent greater odds of having hypertension as compared to peers who do not snore.

Snoring mostly occurs in obese people. It is a sound that produces from greater amount of fat in the back of the throat which vibrates as one sleep. It is a sign that the airway is being partially blocked.

Loud snoring was also linked with increased use of healthcare resources (emergency visits and hospitalisation).

Habitual snoring has been found in about 24 per cent of adult women and 40 per cent of adult men. Both men and women are more likely to snore as they age. But good news for men is that the tendency to snore declines once they reach the age of 70.

Drinking alcohol, using muscle relaxer, drugs and smoking can also give birth to snoring. So, one must take care because prevention is better then cure.