Malaysia makes medical cover mandatory for foreign workers

Malaysia makes medical cover mandatory for foreign workers  Kuala Lumpur, Nov 29 : The Malaysian government has made medical cover compulsory for foreign workers, including Indians, and has said their work permits will not be renewed if insurance cover was not secured.

Starting Jan 1, it has fixed the annual insurance premium at RM120 ($78) per worker.

The mandatory medical insurance coverage for foreign workers comes after foreigners left government hospitals with unpaid bills amounting to RM18 million ($6.7 million).

Malaysians employ an estimated one million workers from India and other South Asian nations. Besides, it has workers from the Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Deputy Human Resource Minister Maznah Mazlan said action would be taken against those who employ uninsured foreigners and the work permits of their workers would not be renewed, the Star said Monday.(IANS)