Malaysian teens popping sex stimulant pills to enhance performance

 Malaysian teens popping sex stimulant pills to enhance performanceKuala Lumpur, May 26 It has emerged that Malaysian teenagers are popping sex stimulant pills in a bid to enhance their "performance".

According to the Harian Metro, one youth, who admitted to taking the drug Nospan, said the pill helped him to forget his family problems and that it enhanced his "sexual prowess".

"The drug can be bought at only 50 sen per pill. To get more ''power'', I sometimes take as many as ten pills at one go," the Star Online quoted the 18-year-old known only as Agip as saying.

He said the pill was popular among troubled teens who wanted to "have fun" for a few hours.

"Normally, the pill is taken with a carbonated drink in order to increase the effect, which can be felt within 10 minutes," he explained.

"It''s very difficult to describe the feeling of being high on drugs, but one''s imagination becomes very vivid and real," he added.

Although Nospan, which contains the substance Dextromethorphan, is usually prescribed as cough medicine, huge doses of it can cause hallucination.

The teenager also revealed that the pill was so effective as a stimulant that many of his friends who took it eventually went "all the way".

The tabloid said the usage of psychotropic substances was increasingly widespread among youths. (ANI)