MCD plans online dengue, chikungunya reports

DengueNew Delhi, Dec 2 : The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) plans to go online with its daily status reports on diseases like dengue and chikungunya whereby private and government city hospitals can send their reports to the civic body via e-mail, a move that hopes to improve accuracy.

"A expert committee from the health department plans to develop an online facility so the hospitals in the city might send their reports on dengue and chikungunya via e-mail, which is easier," said V. K. Monga, chairman of the MCD's health committee.

This information can then be uploaded on the MCD's website.

Hospitals in the city currently send to the MCD a hard copy via fax every day on the number of dengue and chikungunya cases being treated by them.

Monga said that the response of the hospitals was not satisfactory as many do not give the report or do not report properly as they feel it is a lengthy process.

"As many do not send the correct figures, the exact number of people affected by dengue or chikungunya is not known," Monga said.

According to MCD health department, the new system will provide a unique password and login to all the health providers of the city so that they can update the results easily instead of faxing reports to the MCD.(IANS)

"We hope this new system will be easier and brings in more transparency and we hope after this many will stop blaming the MCD, saying it is hiding the actual cases of dengue and chikungunya in the city," he added.