Measles epidemic hits Odisha, seven dead

Measles epidemic hits Odisha, seven deadRayagada, (Odisha), May 2 : Measles has hit several villages in the Rayagada tribal belt of Odisha state and seven children fell victims today.

The medical officer at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Tikri, Dr. Rajendra Mandal confirmed the deaths and said that necessary steps are being taken to prevent further spread of the disease. He said so far seven children have died. .

He said that there was difficulty in controlling the disease as the tribals depend on traditional witchcraft rather than medicines to keep the disease at bay.

"At present, situation is under control. We have treated the cases but they believe in offering prayers. Most of the people are offering prayers instead of taking our medicines," added Dr. Mandal.

The affected families, on the other hand, complained of laxity on the part of the state government. The villagers complained that the situation has turned grim and dozens of villages are getting affected from measles due to the non-availability of professional doctors in the nearby PHCs.

"Here about 60 to 70 children are suffering from measles. We do not know about this disease. Children get serious. The doctors as well Auxiliary Nurse Midwife workers (ANM) are not visiting the hospitals on regular basis. We have to depend on the local quack. We need the help of the government at this juncture," said Dina Sikoka, a villager.

Medical authorities claim that they had visited the measles hit villages in the district recently and the situation is under control. (ANI)