Meditation, yoga work better for women: Study

Meditation, yoga work better for women: StudyLondon [UK], April 22 : A team of American researchers have found that practicing mindfulness - meditation and yoga - benefits women more than men.

According to Brown University researchers, mindfulness practice does not boost the mood of men because women have a higher tendency to spend time reflecting on things than men.

The team assessed a group of 41 male and 36 female students over a period of 12 weeks, during which time they all underwent a course in mindfulness.

They found that whilst the women experienced a significant change in mental state, the changes for men were minimal, reports the Independent.

We must always be mindful if we want to achieve true happiness, or so some people would have us believe.

In contrast, men tend to cast aside and ignore their concerns and worries. But because they do this, they are more likely to be focusing on the present moment already so have less to gain from practising mindfulness.

"That was the surprising part," said Dr Willoughby Britton.

"I wouldn't be surprised if this is a widespread phenomenon that researchers hadn't bothered to investigate," Britton added.

"The gender gap in mental health has been inadequately targeted and often only within the standard medical arsenal of pharmacological treatment," said co-lead author Rahil Rojiani.

The findings come despite previous research claiming mindfulness can have many benefits, as well as claims from many men that being mindful has helped them manage health problems and lead happier lives. (ANI)