Men want more sex, women want good sex

Men want more sex, women want good sexWashington D. C., Nov. 8 - A new study has revealed that men are more interested in the quantity of sex, whereas women are more into the quality.

Researchers have revealed that the relationship 'deal-breaker' that mostly affected the romance between men and women was 'dishevelled,' 'lazy' or 'needy,' The Independent reports.

In the study, which included 6,500 people, it showed that for a quick sexual encounter, only 'smells bad' and 'has poor hygiene' were deal-breakers.

Meanwhile, men seem to be more concerned than women about 'talks too much.'

Both genders agreed that the three worst 'deal-breakers' were 'dishevelled,' 'lazy' or 'needy.'

Author Peter Jonason of the University of Western Sydneyn said that deal-breakers were probably unreasonable when one had a seriously misguided impression of their own value on the market.

The top ten deal breakers were: disheveled, lazy, too needy, no sense of humour, lives far away, bad sex, lacking self-confidence, too much TV, Low sex drive, Stubborn. (ANI)