Microchip to power first bionic eye

Microchip to power first bionic eyeSydney, April 4 : Researchers have unveiled a microchip which is expected to power the first functional bionic eye.

"This is a remarkable new microchip that has brought a retinal implant much closer to reality," said Gregg Suaning, project leader and associate professor with Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales.

"At only five square millimetres, the device is tiny but represents a significant advance in nerve stimulation technology," said Suaning, according to a New South Wales release.

"The design team incorporated never-before attempted features with this design and absolutely nailed every aspect," added Suaning.

Bionic Vision Australia director Anthony Burkitt said: "This microchip is at the heart of the retinal implant which stimulates the retinal cells to elicit vision."(IANS)