Mobile Phones ‘Risky’ For Kids, Says Researchers

An international group of researchers revealed that electromagnetic fields Mobile Phones 'A Health Risk' for Kidsemitted by cellular phones may be ‘risky’ for children.

The researchers have warned parents to ensure and see that children are kept away from the mobile phones.

In this way, the study favors limited access to mobile phones for children.

The researchers found that electromagnetic radiations of a significant level emitted by the mobile phones enter the human body. Though there is not much information available and more research is required to be done until then the cell phones should be considered dangerous for children.

Though the radiation that enters the human body, especially the brain, does not have much effect on adults but children’s brains were more susceptible to the radiation, the study researchers said.

Lead researcher Dr. David Servan Schreiber, stated that that what they discovered was much more concerning than what they had been led to believe.

Though the result of this study may not be having sufficient proof with more research to be done; as a safety measure parents should ban their children from using the mobile phone.