Music de-stresses, evokes positive emotions

Music de-stresses, evokes positive emotionsStockholm, March 6 : Listening to music daily can evoke positive emotions and bring down your stress levels, being a simple and effective way to enhance well-being and health.

The thesis is based partly on a survey study involving 207 individuals, partly on an intervention study where an group of 21 people listened to self-chosen music for 30 minutes daily for two weeks while a similarly sized group got to relax without music.

"To get the positive effects of music, you have to listen to music that you like," says Marie Helsing of the University of Gothenburg, who authored the thesis.

"But... it is important to remember that all people do not respond in the exact same way to a piece of music and that one individual can respond differently to the same piece of music at different times, depending on both individual and situational factors," Helsing added.

The study shows that positive emotions were experienced more often and more intensively in connection with listening to music, according to a Gothenburg statement. (IANS)