Nicotine quick-fix mouth spray ‘could help kick the butt’

Nicotine quick-fix mouth spray ‘could help kick the butt’New York, Feb 29 : Nicotine spray may be the latest replacement therapy for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes, according to a new study.

Researchers in Denmark found that the fast-acting spray relieves cravings without the side effects of patches or pills, the New York Daily News reported.

According to Reuters Health, a fast-acting nicotine spray, applied directly into the mouth, has shown success in clinical tests in helping people kick the cigarette-smoking habit.

The spray isn't available yet but researchers have noted its effectiveness in giving fast relief to nicotine cravings while avoiding some the side effects of other nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), such as patches and pills.

In a study conducted in Denmark, researchers noted that 14 percent who used the spray were cigarette-free after a year, compared to 6 percent who received a placebo.

That may not seem like such a success but according to lead researcher. Philip Tonnesen, of Gentofte Hospital, its better than that of other NRTs.

An NRT, whether in the form of a spray or a gum is a useful tool but it's not the answer to kicking a lifelong, ingrained habit.

A study of people who tried to quit over six years, using only NRT products, showed they were just as likely to relapse as those who went cold turkey, said Gregory Connolly, director of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Support from friends and peers, removing yourself from smoking situations and other therapies can also go a long way to improve success rates. (ANI)