Over 1 billion to become obese by 2030

American scientists have predicted that over 1 billion to become obese by 2030. Obesity has become a worldwide problem. 

A new study published in the International Journal of ‘Obesity’ has established that almost one-third of the population of world is overweight. The study is conducted in 106 countries worldwide. 

About 72 national, 22 multi-site and 14 regional studies were employed to conclude the study in these countries. Adults are facing this problem most of all. About 23.2 percent of adults were over-weight in 2005 and data is increasing day by day. More than 937 million adults are overweight and 396 million other people are obese in the world. 

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine researchers expressed concerns over the new discoveries. They have predicted that obesity will become a global health challenge in near future. 

There are some factors which contribute to obesity in the world. The hectic schedule and life style is a major cause of this problem. The bad aspect of problem is that obese people are reluctant to consider themselves as obese though they are overweight. The report has suggested public health initiatives to combat this problem both in developed and developing countries.