Over 50% of Brit women drink alcohol during pregnancy

Washington, Pregnant WomanMay 24: More than half of UK women still consume alcohol during pregnancy, despite being aware of its long-term negative effects on children, according to a new survey.

According to the data released by National Health Service, older mothers are more likely to drink while pregnant than younger ones.

Various studies have shown that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to low IQ, attention deficit disorders and more serious lifetime problems in children.

Even the kids born to mothers drinking alcohol while pregnant are more likely develop alcohol and drug problems, antisocial behaviour problems in later life, reports the Telegraph.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome caused due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to severe learning difficulties, impaired intellect, certain facial characteristics and growth retardation.

The survey released by the NHS Information Centre revealed that 55 per cent of women in the UK admitted drinking alcohol while pregnant.

It also found 61 per cent of mothers aged 35 or over said they drank while pregnant compared to 47 per cent of those aged under 20.

“Not all women who drink during pregnancy will harm their child but the only way to be sure is not to drink at all,” said Susan Fleischer, director of the charity National Organisation for Feotal Alcohol Syndrome, suffering from the syndrome.

“Some of the children being admitted to hospital because of their own drinking will have brain damage caused by their mother’s drinking and there will be a smattering of middle class kids in there too,” she added. (ANI)