People with emotional problems should seek help

Berlin - Many people hesitate before seeking help from others in times of need, especially during an emotional crisis.

Someone with strong feelings of anxiety or who is constantly depressed, usually will not consult a psychiatrist. Making an appointment with a psychologist first is easier, however, according to Professor Peter Falkai, a spokesman for the Berlin-based German Society of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology (DGPPN).

"Other important first sources of help during an emotional crisis are the local sociopsychiatric service, which in most cities and rural districts is affiliated with the health department, and the Samaritan telephone service, said Falkai, director of Goettingen University's psychiatry and psychotherapy clinic.

These services are free and can assist in the search for a suitable psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

"People with huge problems often need help from strangers because their ailment saps the energy they need to get help themselves," remarked Falkai.

Relatives, friends or acquaintances of a person with emotional problems should encourage him or her to receive psychotherapeutic help, he added. (dpa)