This pillow can stop your snorer husband!

This pillow can stop your snorer husband!New York, Feb 17 : Trouble having sleep with a partner who begins snoring the moment he hits the sack - leaving you changing positions all night? Forget thinking about that sleep apnea mask and try a nudging pillow instead.

The snore-triggered nudging pillow has a microphone that picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring.

When snores are detected, an air bag inflates the pillow by three inches - enough to nudge the snorer into changing positions.

Developed by Illinois-based gadget emporium Hammacher Schlemmer, the pillow, powered by an AC adapter, offers a peaceful night of slumber.

The pillow's microphone can be calibrated to detect light or heavy snoring.

The inflation feature can also be controlled manually, if one's partner wants to give the elbow nudging a rest, said media reports.

Plug this in and get a sleep free of snoring! (IANS)