Playing new 3DS in 3-D mode may damage kids’ eyes, says Nintendo

 Playing new 3DS in 3-D mode may damage kids’ eyes, says NintendoNew York, Dec 31: Video game company Nintendo has issued a warning that children, who are 6 years old and younger, should not play its new 3DS in 3-D mode as it could damage their eyes.

The firm posted the disclaimer on a website for an event in Japan that will promote Nintendo's coming 3DS portable console, the New York Daily News reported.

In the warning it stated that young children should not play its soon-to-be released 3-D handheld gaming device, and should stick only to the 2-D mode, as the 3-D images could hurt the development of their eyes.

The Nintendo site also said that adults should not play games in 3-D mode for more than 30 minutes and should stop playing if they start feeling sick.

The 3DS will feature some games that users can play in without having to wear 3-D glasses. It also will offer a 2-D mode.

The system was revealed at a Nintendo conference in June. It is set to go on sale in Japan in February and in the U. S. in March.

Other electronic companies that make 3-D products, such as Sony and Samsung, have issued similar warnings about the risks to children, citing doctors who say a child's eyesight is not fully developed by age 6.