Protein-Rich Diet Could Help Older Women To Remain Fit – A New Study

If old women want to remain fit, they have to eat plenty of protein-rich Protein Rich Foodfood, a new study says.

The study revealed that older women must consume plenty of protein as their bodies find it difficult to replace the lost muscles, as compared to the aged men.

A group of researchers at Washington University School of Medicine has discovered that a protein-rich diet helps to slow down the deterioration as well as replacing the lost muscles in women aged more than 65.

The study published in the ‘Public Library of Science’ (PLoS) said that the dissimilarities in the manner male and female bodies metabolize food entails that old women do not make use of protein as efficiently to keep muscle fit.

This perhaps have an effect on their capacity to remain strong and fit and could make them more apt to falls.

The study researchers said that the post-menopausal women are less capable of responding to protein-rich diet in order to build up muscle mass whereas men of the same age are able to store up protein in muscle.

This is expected to be the result of hormonal changes with the menopause.

Lead researcher Prof Michael Rennie stated, “Nobody has ever discovered any mechanistic differences between men and women in muscle loss before. This is a significant finding for the maintenance of better health in old age.”

“Rather than eating more, older people should focus on eating a higher proportion of protein in their everyday diet,” Mr. Rennie added.

“In conjunction with resistance exercise, this should help to reduce the loss of muscle mass over time.

There is also a case for the beneficial hormonal effect of limited HRT, although this has to be balanced against the other risks associated with such treatment,” he also said.