'Love hormone' oxytocin could help treat anorexia

'Love hormone' oxytocin could help treat anorexiaMelbourne, March 13 - A new study has revealed that love hormone oxytocin, which is released during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding, could treat anorexia.

According to the study, the hormone has shown to alter anorexics' tendencies to fixate on images of high calorie foods and larger body shapes, News. com. au reported.


33 pc girls and 25 pc boys in high schools are depressed: Study

33 pc girls and 25 pc boys in high schools are depressedSydney, March 9 - Researchers have found that one in three girls and a quarter of boys are depressed , with many turning to violence, alcohol and unwanted sex to deal with their problems.

The research of almost 4500 year 7 to 12 students also found that 34 per cent of girls and 30 per cent of boys were constantly under strain and unable to deal with their difficulties, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


Smokers put their kids' heart in danger

Smokers put their kids' heart in dangerSydney, March 5 : Do you smoke when your kids are around? It's time to change your habits as exposure to passive smoking can increase risks of heart attacks and strokes in your children at later ages, a study said.

The team of researchers from Tasmania, Australia and Finland found that exposure to smoking in childhood thickens arteries' walls which, in turn, ups the risks of heart attack and stroke.


How diet could reduce premature birth risk

How diet could reduce premature birth riskMelbourne, Mar 5 - A new study suggests that pregnant women who drink water and eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grain cereal could reduce their chance of premature birth.

Experts found that women who enjoyed such a diet, also rich in oils, whole grain bread and poultry, were less likely to give birth before 37 weeks, News. com. au reported.


Soon, 'intelligent' avatar to care for elderly

Elderly Melbourne, March 4 : Researchers are in the process of developing a new intelligent avatar that would be able to detect whether people are in pain and alert the emergency services so as to help the elderly remain independent and in their own homes.

The avatar may appear as a TV screen figure, a tablet computer or as a hologram, according to the University of Kent, which is taking a leading role in the project to support the UK's ageing population.


Seaweed may harbour slimming secrets

Seaweed may harbour slimming secretsMelbourne, Mar 1 : Fat-busting seaweed could be the future of slimming, as scientists have identified a natural seaweed fibre that prevents the body from absorbing fat.

Tests show that alginate, found in sea kelp, can suppress the digestion of fat in the gut, News. com. au reported.

Researchers investigated the ability of alginate to reduce fat breakdown by a digestive enzyme, pancreatic lipase.

Check needles closely when you go for acupuncture therapy

Check needles closely when you go for acupuncture therapySydney, Feb 13 - Acupuncture, a frequently used therapy, needs better needles to avoid potential problems, such as pain and skin reactions.

According to new research, despite improvements in the needle manufacturing process, surface irregularities and bent tips have not been completely eliminated.


Blocking key molecule key to curb autoimmune disease: Study

Sydney, Feb 11 - Scientists have discovered a key molecule that holds promise for people who suffer from chronic inflammation as their immune systems overreact to 'self' tissue.

Known as 'Interleukin 21', it is one of a group of chemical messengers known as 'cytokines' which affect the behaviour of immune cells.

“There are many people with chronic inflammation caused by defective T cell regulation and this research suggests that blocking IL-21 with drugs might help them,” said immunologist Cecile King, associate professor at Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.


Kids of same-sex parents `better off ` than heterosexual counterparts

Kids of same-sex parents `better off ` than heterosexual counterpartsSydney, Feb 03 : A new study has revealed that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well in their education, emotional and social development as those raised by heterosexual parents, but are more open-minded about sexuality, gender and family diversity.


Immunity at work 24/7 to kill blood cancer cells

Immunity at work 24/7 to kill blood cancer cellsSydney, Feb 3 - Scientists have found that our immune system is constantly on the job to prevent cancer by eliminating certain potentially cancerous immune cells in their early stages.

The whole idea is to improve your immunity levels so that the surveillance system can work at its best in killing cancerous immune B cells before they developed into B-cell lymphomas - blood cancer in the lymph glands.


New laser that can detect disease in your breath!

New laser that can detect disease in your breath!Sydney, Feb 1 - Here comes an exciting new laser that can detect very low concentrations of gases - paving the way for accurately analysing breath for disease diagnosis and remote sensing of critical greenhouse gases.

The physicists at University of Adelaide in south Australia have developed a new type of laser that produces 25 times more light emission than other lasers operating at a similar wavelength.


New drug that can ease effects of stroke discovered

New drug that can ease effects of stroke discoveredSydney, Jan. 28 - A team of Australian researchers has discovered a drug that may have the potential to reduce, and even stop, the effects of stroke.

A new study on mice showed the drug, which mimics some actions of oestrogen, protects females against stroke, while worsening the condition in males, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


How dads harm their kid's health

healthMelbourne, January 28 : A new study has revealed that fathers play a pivotal role in the future health of their children from the moment of conception.

The study, done by University of Adelaide, has claimed that this could help find out if the child will turn out to be obese or would develop type 2 diabetes, as it was found that seminal fluid influences a range of developmental stages of the offspring, particularly in sons, News. com. au reported.


Long-living breast stem cells may cause cancer

Long-living breast stem cells may cause cancerSydney, Jan 27 - Breast stem cells and their "daughters" can live for a long time and harbour genetic defects or damage that could lead to breast cancer later, reveals a new research.

Researchers from Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have discovered that breast stem cells and their "daughters" have a much longer lifespan than previously thought, and are active in puberty and throughout life.


Smoking `pregnant` mums `can turn babies gay`

Smoking pregnant mumsMelbourne, Jan. 20 : A leading neuroscientist has claimed that smoking and drug use during pregnancy could raise the chance of having a baby who would turn out to be gay.

According to Britain's Sunday Times, Dr Dick Swabb, professor of neurobiology at Amsterdam University, said that the brain development during pregnancy and early childhood is directly linked to the kind of people we become in adulthood.


Raise the toast for new era of low-alcohol wine

Raise the toast for new era of low-alcohol wineSydney, Jan 17 - Those who have switched to wine for health-related reasons but worried over its growing alcohol content, here is the time to say cheers again.

A team of Australian researchers have identified special yeast that produce a lower level of alcohol, helping to preserve the wine flavour.

In last 10-15 years, the alcoholic content of wine has gone up gradually - from 12-12.5 percent to beyond 15 percent.


Father's diet linked to obese, diabetic children

Father's diet linked to obese, diabetic childrenSydney, Jan 17 - We all know how crucial a pregnant woman's nutrition is for an healthy new born. Now, consider father's diet and weight equally important.

According to a new research, obese fathers cause altered gene expression in pancreas and fat of offspring - possibly leading to diabetes, obesity, chronic degenerative disease and premature aging.


Common sense prevails, not the sixth sense

Common sense prevails, not the sixth senseSydney, Jan 15 - Research has debunked the common belief that a sixth sense does exist.

"People could reliably sense when a change had occurred, even when they could not see exactly what had changed," said researchers from University of Melbourne.

According to lead researcher Piers Howe from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, the research is the first to show that people can reliably sense changes that they cannot visually identify.


Can sex make you smarter? Yes it can!

Can sex make you smarter? Yes it can!Melbourne, Jan 14 : Scientists have found that having sex helps improve mental performance and boosts the production of neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain where long term memories are made.

According to the Atlantic, researchers at the University of Maryland discovered that rats showed signs of improved cognitive function and 'hippocampal' function when they had sex, News. com. au reported.


Which female celeb shape your body matches revealed

Apple pearMelbourne, Jan. 4 : Women's bodies fall into four categories - apple, pear, hourglass and tubular, according to a celebrity personal trainer.

Matt Roberts said Myleene Klass, Kate Winslet and Nigella Lawson, all embody hour glass figure, with their shapely chests, bottoms and slim waists, News. com. au reported.

He said that Cara Delevingne and Keira Knightley are the owners of Tubular shapes - small chest and bottom and little definition at the waistline.


Man reveals all about life with two penises

Melbourne, Jan. 4 : A man has revealed that he has two penises because of a rare condition called Diphallia.

The man recently hopped onto Reddit for an 'Ask Me Anything' session.

The man, known only as ' DoubleDickDude,' has two fully functional penises, and uses both of them to have sex and urinate, News. com. au reported.

Incidentally, he is a bisexual and is currently in a committed relationship with both a man and a woman.

When he was asked by a Reddit used if there were any medical complications, he replied that his prostate gets inflamed if he doesn't ejaculate enough.


Meet the woman with 'world's widest bottom'

Meet the woman with 'world's widest bottom'Melbourne, Dec 31 : A women from Chicago, US, has claimed to have one the world's biggest butts which are 2.1 metres wide.

Bootylicious Sarah Massey said that she had turned her life around by regaining her confidence after posting pictures of her bottom online and getting plenty of positive feedback from 'fans', News. com. au reported.


Why girls are preferred over boys by IVF parents

IVF parentsSydney, Dec. 26 : A new research has found that a majority of IVF parents undergoing embryo screening are choosing girls over boys in order to decrease the child's risk of autism, as male babies are about 4 times likely as girls to develop the medical condition.

While commenting on the study, fertility doctors said that the problem of sex preference is the tip of the iceberg with a huge range of tests becoming available, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.


Plus-size Barbie dolls may 'encourage obesity'

Plus-size Barbie dolls may 'encourage obesity'Melbourne, Dec 24 : Plus-size Barbie dolls have raised serious questions regarding their motives to make girls more accepting of their physique.

A Plus Size Modeling group on Facebook recently shared a picture of a " Fat Barbie " and a normal sized Barbie, while asking what the real purpose of the new dolls was, News. com. au reported.


Kansas family welcomes fourth generation of twins

twinsMelbourne, December 23 : A couple in Kansas has welcomed twins, making it the fourth generation of twins in their family.

Allen Harkleroad, who has welcomed twins with his wife, is a twin, so are his father and grandfather, News. com. au reported.

Harkleroad was told by the doctors that the odds of his wife Mandy conceiving a fourth consecutive generation of twins were as rare as one in four billion.