Collaboration is cure for better global health outcomes, say UK-India experts

Collaboration is cure for better global health outcomes, say UK-India expertsBangalore, Feb.9 : Healthcare and biotechnology companies should be focused on developing blockbuster drugs that benefit billions of patients, said world-leading healthcare experts, and this can only be done through collaboration and innovation, they added.

eClinicalWorks expands in Asia with USD 30 million investment

eClinicalWorks expands in Asia with USD 30 million investmentBangalore, Dec 10 - eClinicalWorks, a leader in healthcare IT solutions originating from the United States, headquartered at Westborough, announces a USD 30 million investment to further digital healthcare in Asia, specifically India and additional countries in the region, which will develop talent and cloud-based technology infrastructure in this region.

Seminar on POSCO to prevent child abuse

Seminar on POSCO to prevent child abuseBangalore, July 28 - Bangalore police today held a seminar to prevent child abuse and to promote sensitivity among the police regarding cases of sexual assault.

Police Commissioner M N Reddi said, "There is also a need to create better sensitivity among the police officers. There is always a scope to improve the sensitivity levels so that they can deal with the problems faced by the children.

Bone marrow can cure blood disorders

Bone marrow can cure blood disordersBangalore, April 23 - A leading specialty hospital has demonstrated that bone marrow stem cells can cure blood disorders like leukemia, thalassemia and aplastic anemia, a bone marrow failure.

"Bone marrow transplant has emerged as an effective cure for cancerous and genetic blood diseases through transfusion of its stem cells from a healthy donor to an affected patient," Narayana Health City consultant hematologist Sharat Damodar told reporters here Tuesday.

New 'painless' treatment to repair teeth

New 'painless' treatment to repair teethBangalore, Feb 17 : A novel "regenerative" technique to repair infected teeth -- claimed to be painless and cheaper than the traditional root canal treatment -- has been developed by doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi.

Termed as "SealBio", the technique uses body's own stem cells and eliminates the need for cumbersome root canal fillings.

WHO accused of promoting 'deadly' vaccine

WHO accused of promoting 'deadly' vaccineBangalore, July 23 : A leading journal of medical ethics has charged the World Health Organization (WHO) with promoting the Pentavalent vaccine in countries, including India, though it is known to have caused adverse reactions and deaths in children.

Rural poor to get free maternal healthcare in Karnataka

Rural poor to get free maternal healthcare in KarnatakaBangalore, July 16 - An NGO and a research and training institute will soon provide free maternal healthcare to poor families in rural areas across Karnataka.

Christened Panchami, the project is being implemented by city-based NGO Karuna Trust and the Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer (Artist).

Doctors for low-cost devices to reduce maternal mortality

Doctors for low-cost devices to reduce maternal mortalityBangalore, June 11 - Specialist doctors favour low-cost devices to reduce maternal mortality and ensure better healthcare for women in India.

"By using low-cost devices, quality healthcare can be provided to reduce the maternal mortality ratio in our country, where divergent people live in remote and inaccessible areas," a leading practitioner said at a medical conference here late Monday.

Titan Eye offers online vision test

Titan Eye offers online vision testBangalore, Oct 11 - Optical major Titan Eye Plus of Titan Industries Ltd Thursday unveiled a free online test facility on its website (www. titaneyeplus. com) to check if users need vision correction.

"As a convenient tool, the user-friendly Vision Check establishes the need for vision correction through a screening test. This innovative offering is customer centric," Titan managing director Bhaskar Bhat told reporters at a preview of the test facility.

Urban Indians face greater heart disease risk

Urban Indians face greater heart disease riskBangalore, Sep 23 - A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor eating habits are making millions of urban Indians face a high risk of heart disease, a study by a Mumbai-based consumer products major has revealed.

First vaccine against kala azar ready for trial

First vaccine against kala azar ready for trialBangalore, Feb 22 - The first ever vaccine to prevent kala azar, or visceral leishmaniasis (VL), the world's second largest parasitic killer after malaria, is entering dual clinical trials in the US and India.

GE Healthcare's new imaging system captures live cells

GE Healthcare's new imaging system captures live cellsBangalore, Nov 1 : The US-based GE Healthcare's firm Applied Precision Inc Tuesday unveiled a high-end resolution imaging machine that will capture live cells to understand the mechanism in diseases like cancer and HIV at the molecular level.

'Small pox virus may become poor man's atom bomb'

'Small pox virus may become poor man's atom bomb'Bangalore, May 28 - The resolution by the World Health Organization (WHO) to hold on to the two last known remaining stocks of the smallpox virus for "crucial research" raises the spectre of bioterrorism, warns a leading Indian virologist.

Karnataka to ban Endosulfan use

UN-ban-pesticideBangalore, Feb 17 : Karnataka Thursday decided to ban use of pesticide Endosulfan following reports of its health hazard and sought the central government's nod for the measure.

"The cabinet decided to recommend to the central government to ban use of Endosulfan in Karnataka," the state's Higher Education Minister V. S. Acharya told reporters here.

The central government's approval was a formality and it "will give immediate concurrence", he said.

Stressed-out moms likely to worsen child's asthma

StressedKidLondon, Oct 7 : Mums who are often angry or irritated and those who suppress their emotional expressions can worsen the severity of their children's asthma symptoms, especially when the children are younger.

Researchers studied 223 mothers for a year, investigating how their stress levels, coping styles and parenting styles were associated with their children's disease status.

Scrap Vitamin A programme for kids, say leading nutritionists

Vitamin ABangalore, July 22 : Top Indian nutritionists have urged the Indian government to scrap the ongoing programme of "massive-dose" Vitamin A administration to children.

"Vitamin A deficiency is no longer a public health problem in India and massive doses can actually be toxic," warns C. Gopalan, former chief of the Indian Council of Medical Research and a leading nutritionist.

Indian data on swine flu shamefully inadequate: Virologist

Bangalore, Feb 15 - Warning that India should brace for more deaths from the swine flu (H1N1) pandemic, a leading virologist has described as "shameful" the lack of scientific data on its outbreak in the country.

"Even though India has over 28,000 confirmed cases and 1,152 deaths - which would translate into manifold more - no epidemiological analysis of the Indian outbreak is found in the public domain," says Shahid Jameel of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi.

Ban on smoking will be enforced strictly from Oct 2


Bangalore, Sep 2 : Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss today said that private offices and other establishments can no longer have designated rooms for smoking cigarettes as the ban on smoking in public places would be enforced strictly from October 2.

Cow urine as anti-diabetic drug

Bangalore, June 7 : In a significant breakthrough in treatment of diabetics, the scientists in Bangalore have found that cow urine reduces the blood sugar level.

A study conducted by Professor K Jayakumar of the Government Veterinary College Bangalore has shown that cow’s urine has anti-diabetic properties.

Talking to ANI Professor Jayakumar said that the research was in the preliminary stages but it was found that the cow’s urine lowers the blood glucose level.

BWSSB Unable To Discover Water Infectivity Source

Water InfectionIn spite of increasing number of severe diarrhoea cases in and around Bharthinagar region, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has been incapable to discover the source of water infectivity.

More than 200 people are reportedly suffering from water-borne illnesses thus far, showing symptoms such as vomiting, dysentery and dehydration.

Indian HIV Patients are spared from Dementia

Indian HIV Patients are spared from DementiaBangalore, Jan 25: Indian HIV patients are said to live a better life compared to their US counterparts.

Recent studies conducted by the Indian scientists from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) at Bangalore and National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), at Delhi, have shown that HIV does not cause dementia in India due to genetic change.

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