Beware of "miracle healers" on the web

Berlin  - Many Germans no longer take the standard piece of advice on medicines: "Ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects."

When they have health problems or questions about medical treatment, they consult internet portals like Netdoktor. de and Lifeline. de. Not all online medical practices are advisable, however.

"The choice of medical portals on the web is getting longer and more confusing," noted Dagmar Villarroel Gonzales of the Berlin-based Agency for Quality in Medicine

German health authorities say sugar okay for diabetics

Two Type DiabetesBerlin  - Overturning decades of advice, a German public-health agency said Monday that diabetics should resume eating ordinary sugar and that special food for diabetics had no value.

The ruling was issued by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR in Berlin.

New research showed it was more important for diabetics to obtain vitamins and roughage by eating fruit and vegetables daily, it said.

Let children with neurodermatitis be kids

Berlin - Many parents of children with neurodermatitis are inclined to shield them from having a social life, but such children actually need no special protection, according to a health and accident insurer in Berlin.

Parents worry that the fears and stress that occur naturally in school or in other situations involving social contact will trigger the impulse to scratch. In fact stress can lead to itching, but among people with neurodermatitis, there is a broad range of what is considered stressful and what is considered a positive challenge.

Strict dieting and exercise by adolescents may indicate anorexia

AnorexiaBerlin - A strict diet and exercise routine among adolescents may be the first signs of anorexia, noted Professor Johannes Hebebrand, president of the Berlin-based German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (DGKJP).

"Afflicted adolescents try to avoid calorie-rich foods like butter and sweets at first," Hebebrand said. Then they often cut out dishes containing meat and finally they skip main meals altogether.

Men more susceptible to tuberculosis than women

TuberculosisBerlin - Men in Germany contract tuberculosis more often than women, according to the Berlin-based Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the central federal institution responsible for disease control and prevention.

It said the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants was 7.8 for men and 5.3 for women.

Technique using “Raman Effect” could lead to direct sequencing of DNA

DNABerlin, Jan 29 : Using a combination of spectroscopy based on the “Raman Effect” and atomic force microscopy, scientists have developed a method that could provide a way to directly sequence DNA.

The “Raman Effect” is a theory conceptualized by C. V. Raman in 1928, according to which light is made up of particles known as ‘photons’. This theory has since then helped in the study of the molecular and crystal structures of different substances.

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