Cuba to develop two cholera vaccines

Cuba to develop two cholera vaccinesHavana, Oct 25 - Cuban researchers are working on developing two cholera oral-vaccines, one of which is in advanced clinical trials, experts said here.

Reinaldo Acevedo, deputy director of Cuba's Finlay Institute, told the 20th Latin American Pharmacology and Therapeutics Congress that the institute is working on a live vaccine and an inactive one, Xinhua reported Thursday.

New cholera outbreak hits Cuba

New cholera outbreak hits CubaHavana, Aug 28 - At least 163 people, including 12 tourists, have been affected in a new outbreak of cholera in Cuba, a health organisation said.

A report by the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) was compiled with data provided by Cuban health authorities, Xinhua reported.

The new cases were detected in the western province of Havana, and eastern Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey.

Cuba, Saudi Arabia to collaborate on healthcare

Cuba, Saudi Arabia to collaborate on healthcareHavana, June 27 - Cuban government has agreed to send a team of doctors to work in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, marking the first occasion Cuban healthcare professionals to have a presence in the Arab country, Xinhua reported.

Havana restores legendary 20th century bar, Sloppy Joe's

Havana restores legendary 20th century bar, Sloppy Joe'sHavana, April 15 - Sloppy Joe's, one of the legendary Havana bars of the 20th century for its bohemian clientele, its long bar and famous customers like Ernest Hemingway and Spencer Tracy, has reopened its doors after almost half a century in ruins thanks to a painstaking reconstruction aimed at giving the city back some important memories.

Cuba does 20 sex-change operations

Cuba does 20 sex-change operationsHavana, Oct 29 - The number of Cuban transsexuals who have had sex-change surgery has risen to 20, an official said.

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and director of the National Center for Sex Education, or Cenesex, said that of the 37 people identified as transsexuals in the country, "20 have benefited from genital adaptation surgery", according to a note posted on the official Cenesex web site.

Heart disease leading cause of deaths in Cuba

Heart disease leading cause of deaths in CubaHavana, Sep 29 : Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths in Cuba, claiming over 20,000 lives each year, an expert said here.

Eduardo Rivas, president of the Cuban Society of Cardiology, told reporters Friday that problems with coronary arteries cause 80 percent of the deaths from heart failures, mainly due to acute cardiac strokes.

Cuba tests prostate cancer vaccine

Cuba tests prostate cancer vaccineHavana, Sep 25 : Cuban scientists said they have concluded the second round of the clinical trial of a potential vaccine against prostate cancer.

Urologist Ranfis Rodriguez Monday said 56 patients, who were vaccinated in two hospitals, showed a remarkable improvement in their condition, reported Xinhua.

Cuba, WHO to cooperate on generic drugs

Cuba, WHO to cooperate on generic drugsHavana, March 31 - Cuba and the World Health Organization have signed an agreement for technology transfer and production of generic drugs.

Health Minister Roberto Morales and visiting WHO Director General Margaret Chan signed the agreement on behalf of the respective sides here Friday, Xinhua reported.

WHO praises Cuba's health care system

WHO praises Cuba's health care systemHavana, March 28 - Cuba's health care system has a lot to teach the world, the deputy head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Anarfi Asamoa-Baah said he was impressed by the nation's "well integrated" health care system at all levels -- a model for other countries to emulate.

Asamoa-Baah is part of a visiting delegation of health experts to attend the agency's first meeting of regional directors in Havana, Xinhua reported Tuesday.

Cuba develops mathematical models to fight dengue

Cuba develops mathematical models to fight dengueHavana, March 24 - Cuba has developed mathematical models to help fight dengue, a media report said Friday.

Experts from Havana's Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute developed the models.

Spearheaded by young scientist Lizet Sanchez for Cuba's national health system, the models allow health officials to analyze outbreaks in real time so they can devise the best strategy to combat the disease, according to official daily Juventud Rebelde.

Cuba to test new AIDS vaccine

Cuba to test new AIDS vaccineHavana, March 7 - Cuba has unveiled a new AIDS vaccine which has successfully been tested on mice, and the country is ready to begin human testing soon, a media report said.

The Teravac-HIV-1 vaccine designed to fight AIDS is the result of cutting edge genetic engineering techniques, and has been presented to more than 600 scientists from 38 countries attending the 24th International Biotech Congress here, Juventud Rebelde Daily said Tuesday.

Cuba showcases cancer vaccines

Cuba showcases cancer vaccinesHavana, March 6 - Cuba's biotechnology industry is showcasing the latest advances in the anti-cancer vaccines at the 29th Havana International Biotechnology Congress.

Monday's opening session was attended by 600 experts from 38 countries, the organizers said.

Cuba working on anti-cancer treatment using scorpion venom

Cuba working on anti-cancer treatment using scorpion venomHavana, Nov 30 :Cuba is working on four research projects on anti-cancer treatments using the venom of a type of scorpion that is endemic to the island, government officials announced Tuesday.

Obesity raises risk of depression by 25 percent

Obesity raises risk of depression by 25 percentHavana, May 12 : Being obese could increase the risk of depression by 25 percent, a study has found.

According to professor Alberto Hernandez: "The word 'fat' has become a social stigma, and takes a psychological toll on the individual."

"Depression manifests itself in negative thoughts, personal disability, poor state of mind and lack of initiative and lack of physical activity.

Obesity closely associated with depression, says Cuban expert

Obesity closely associated with depression, says Cuban expertHavana, May 12 : The word "fat" is fast becoming a social stigma and has a deep psychological toll on the individual, a Cuban health expert has said.

Obesity is very closely associated with depression, Alberto Quirantes Hernandez, chief of Endocrinology Services at the Dr. Salvador Allende Teaching Hospital in Havana, told Prensa Latina news agency.

Cuban medicine for diabetic ulcers gains popularity

Cuban medicine for diabetic ulcers gains popularity  Santiago de Cuba, March 1 : A Cuban medication for diabetic feet ulcers is fast becoming popular in a number of countries and has been used to treat more than 22,000 patients worldwide, according to a senior official.


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