Premature babies prone to lung disease later in life

Premature babies prone to lung disease later in life Dusselsdorf, Germany - Premature babies are more likely to develop lung disease when they become adults than babies who were born at full term, said Germany's Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP).

Phantom noises of tinnitus can be muted

Phantom noises of tinnitus can be mutedBerlin - Dorothea Neumann, a 57-year-old Berliner, had been having hearing problems for a while. Then came the phantom ear sounds.

"I wondered if the noises were coming from the heater or from an air hammer," she related.

More exercise, different diet can cure chronic constipation

Marburg, Germany - Irregular bowel movements do not necessarily indicate chronic constipation, according to the Marburg-based German Green Cross (DGK). It said the normal frequency of bowel movements ranged from three daily to three weekly, and that chronic constipation was present only when the number was fewer than three per week.

Symptoms of chronic constipation are having to strain to empty the bowel, and hard, lumpy stools.

Migraine medication unsuitable for ordinary headaches

Hamburg - Using a migraine medication regularly to alleviate ordinary headaches can cause chronic "pseudo-migraines," according to Ruediger Fabian, president of the German Pain Aid Association.

Speaking to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa in the run-up to German Headache Day, which is on September 5, Fabian said that migraine medications should not be taken on one's own initiative in any case.

"They don't belong in patients' hands," he remarked.

Genetics, stress linked to childhood allergies, researchers say

Genetics, stress linked to childhood allergies, researchers sayHamburg, Germany - Genetics and emotional stress are two factors which contribute to common allergies such as hay fever among children, according to two separate studies by German researchers.

Bye-bye to "bad hair days" as experts unsnarl tangled hair

Hamburg, Germany - "Bad hair days" could soon become a thing of the past, according to German researchers who say they have unsnarled the mystery of frizzy and tangled hair.

The chemists from the University of Bayreuth claim they have developed the first detailed microscopic analysis of what happens to individual hair fibres when they interact with each other, which is to say when they get tangled up with each other and refuse to untangle.

Germans face higher health costs as doctors get 10-per-cent hike

Berlin  - Health insurance premiums for the vast majority of Germans would rise noticeably after doctors secured a rise in fees averaging more than 10 per cent for 2009, insurers warned Friday.

Contributions to the roughly 250 state-regulated health insurance schemes are set to break through 15 per cent of gross pay for most workers following the rise, which was announced late Thursday after lengthy negotiations.

Parental intervention a must when teenagers do not eat properly

Parental intervention a must when teenagers do not eat properly Nuremberg, Germany - Parents should not generally pay too much attention to their children's eating habits, but their alarm bells should start ringing if they suspect their teenager is not eating properly.

Deadly aorta rupture may be averted with simple test, researchers say

Hamburg - Cardiologists can now detect early warning signs of a potentially deadly aorta rupture with a simple genetic test, according to findings of German researchers.

Until now, a tear could occur without warning in the aorta, the artery which carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Such a tear, called an acute aortic dissection, often results in death, if its symptoms are overlooked and go untreated.

Children of mentally ill parents need support

Mental HealthStuttgart - The offspring of mentally ill parents are at a higher risk of becoming psychologically disturbed than their peers, according to mental health experts in Germany.

In addition to genetic factors, the chance of developing a mental illness increases depending on the psycho-social stress a child is exposed to.

Green tea can make handy cold compress

Green TeaHamburg - Green tea is not just for drinking: The refreshing beverage can also be used as a cold compress.

Consult a doctor about chronic headaches

Consult a doctor about chronic headachesBerlin - Headaches are sometimes caused by a life- threatening condition or disease.

"A person who suffers from headaches that get increasingly worse with no apparent cause should see a doctor," said Selcuk Bas, a doctor at Germany's pain centre in Berlin, in an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Losing weight with diabetes 2 - strict nutrition therapy required

Weight LossBochum, Germany - Medicine alone will not help a diabetes 2 patient lose weight. A nutrition plan, plus a routine of endurance and strength training, is the key.

Unless they lose weight, diabetes 2 patients run a higher risk of accompanying diseases like high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, according to the German Diabetes Association.

High homocysteine levels can lead to bone degradation

Marburg, Germany - Even slightly elevated levels of the chemical homocysteine in the blood can increase the odds of bone breakage, say scientists.

People over 50 years should have regular homocysteine level check- ups, says the German Green Cross. Patients generally have to pay for the tests themselves.

Studies have shown that the compound causes bones to become more fragile. Overly high levels of the cellular pathogen lead to bone loss or osteoporosis, leading to more bone breaks.

Alcohol abuse often overlooked before patients anaesthetics

Alcohol abuse often overlooked before patients anaestheticsHamburg - Alcohol abuse is often overlooked by surgeons before patients are administered anaesthetics prior to surgery, with possibly hazardous results, according to a team of German researches.

Writing in the current journal Anaesthesiology, the researchers found evidence that alcohol use disorders (AUDs) routinely go unnoticed in patients undergoing surgery.

US menace conquers Europe - ragweed

Hamburg - Health authorities throughout Central Europe are issuing warnings against a virulent new menace from the United States which is advancing rapidly across the continent - ragweed.

In the style of Wild West "wanted" posters, authorities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and adjacent countries are posting photographs of ragweed plants on lampposts, internet websites and on television shows.

Elderly not more anxious than young people, studies show

Berlin  - The common notion that elderly people are more anxious than young ones is not supported by research, according to psychologists from the Berlin-based German Centre of Gerontology (DZA).

Writing in the 4/2008 issue of the DZA periodical Informationsdienst Altersfragen (Gerontology Information Service), they said representative studies showed that the elderly actually tended to have fewer symptoms of anxiety.

Cholesterol test can be a lifesaver

Cholesterol test can be a lifesaverMunich  - A cholesterol test can be a lifesaver because high cholesterol levels along with diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and being overweight raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, noted the Munich-based German Society for the Treatment of Lipid Disorders (DGFF).

In 2006, cardiovascular disease was the cause of nearly half of all deaths in Germany.

Senior citizens and martial arts do mix

Munich  - Senior citizens and martial arts do not mix in the minds of a lot of people, who associate whirling arms and legs with top-fit athletes and action movie heroes.

However, experts say people over 60 years of age would do well to get onto a mat and practise karate, judo, jiu jitsu or tai chi.

"Strength, coordination, and endurance diminish in old age. These are precisely the things that martial arts can train very well," noted Martin Halle, a sports medicine physician at the Technical University of Munich.

Dental visit advisable before diving holiday

Cologne, Germany  - People planning a diving holiday should visit a dentist and have a general medical check-up, according to Initiative proDente, a Cologne-based dental organisation.

It warned that loose dental fillings or small, untreated holes in one's teeth could have unpleasant consequences under water. The increased pressure made air trapped in dental cavities expand when a diver surfaced, it said, which could cause fillings or even parts of teeth to break off. (dpa)

Too much paracetamol can cause liver damage

Too much paracetamol can cause liver damageBerlin - The painkiller paracetamol can cause health problems, if the dose is too high, experts say.

A healthy adult who takes more than 10 to 12 grams in one dose or more than 7.5 grams a day for a longer period, risks liver damage, reports the German Federation of German Apothecary Associations.

Intelligence trainable during old age

Hamburg - Intelligence can increase in old age and many pensioners are mentally fitter than 20-year-olds who do little to increase their mental faculties, according to psychologist Dr Siegfried Lehrl from the University of Erlangen in Germany.

Quoted by the women's weekly Brigitte, Lehrl said that especially the brain's capacity to gather knowledge and life experience increases over the years.

In search of smooth skin for summer: Shaving beats laser treatment

Stuttgart - People who want their skin to look smooth this summer are better off using proven methods such as shaving and cold or warm waxing.

New pulse light treatments and laser light hair removal methods currently being offered by cosmeticians are not as effective as their advocates make them sound, according to Germany's consumer centre in Stuttgart.

"Many of these offers are expensive, but regretfully have little effect," said cosmetics consultant Hanne Vedder.

German doctors warn against multi-tasking in the workplace

Cologne, Germany - Doctors in Germany have discovered that anyone who takes on too many tasks in the workplace wastes time and puts their health at risk.

Occupational physicians from Germany's main safety and quality organisation, Cologne-based TUEV, warn against multi-tasking and say brains that constantly have to deal with new tasks become slower and more prone to mistakes.

The doctors recommend setting priorities in the workplace such as setting aside one or two parts of the day for answering emails or making telephone calls.

Herbal remedy could cure obesity and heart disease, scientists say

Hamburg - Tests with animals show that a traditional herbal remedy could usher in a cure for obesity and heart disease, according to German scientists.

They believe that the herbal extract could be incorporated into a food supplement which may not only reduce obesity, but also lessen the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

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