Germany Dictates Countrywide Recall Of Heparin

HeparinFrankfurt: Assenting to comments by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Germany has dictated countrywide recall of blood-thinner heparin, manufactured by Rotexmedica. The Order from Germany health authorities came in wake of several dialysis patients getting sick after using a different brand of the blood thinner, heparin. Linked to 19 American deaths, heparin has been recalled on fears of contamination.


Technique using “Raman Effect” could lead to direct sequencing of DNA

DNABerlin, Jan 29 : Using a combination of spectroscopy based on the “Raman Effect” and atomic force microscopy, scientists have developed a method that could provide a way to directly sequence DNA.

The “Raman Effect” is a theory conceptualized by C. V. Raman in 1928, according to which light is made up of particles known as ‘photons’. This theory has since then helped in the study of the molecular and crystal structures of different substances.