Check doctor's specialty before cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeryHamburg - People seeking cosmetic surgery are advised to carefully check the specialty of the doctor in charge of their case.

"Doctors who don't know the specialty cannot learn how to do cosmetic surgery by taking a weekend course," said Professor Heinz Bull, president of Germany's society for cosmetic surgery.

Heated car seats reduce fertility, German researchers warn

Hamburg, Germany - Heated car seats reduce fertility in men, according to German researchers.

The researchers at the University of Giessen have discovered that just one hour of sitting in a heated car seat can cause a testicular temperature spike of up to 39.7 Celsius (or 103 Fahrenheit).

That is four or five degrees Celsius higher than the optimum temperature for healthy sperm production, which is around two degrees below the body's core temperature of 
37 C (99 F), according to the findings reported in New Scientist magazine.

Study says gel lessens mammogram pain

Hamburg - The pain that many women experience when having a mammogram can be reduced by a locally applied anaesthetic gel, a study has shown.

Women who apply gel with the effective ingredient Lidocain on their breasts one hour before the mammogram experience significantly less pain, according to a German magazine for doctors published in Neu-Isenburg. By contrast, pain medication administered orally to women prior to their mammograms had no noticeable effect. The magazine reported on a study published in a journal for radiologists.

"That thing is a 'person'" - improving your relationship with objects

"That thing is a 'person'" - improving your relationship with objectsHamburg  - Next time you kiss your car when it starts on a cold day, or you curse your computer when it crashes - you may be relieved to know that it is only human nature to regard inanimate objects as sentient beings like yourself.

Intelligence trainable during old age

Intelligence trainable during old ageHamburg  - Intelligence can increase in old age and many pensioners are mentally fitter than 20-year-olds who do little to increase their mental faculties, according to psychologist Dr Siegfried Lehrl from the University of Erlangen in Germany.

Quoted by the women's weekly Brigitte, Lehrl said that especially the brain's capacity to gather knowledge and life experience increases over the years.

Brain grows when older workers learn new tricks, study shows

Brain grows when older workers learn new tricks, study showsHamburg - When older workers learn new skills, their brain cells develop, German scientists said Wednesday after a study that used computer tomography to peer deep inside the brain.

Cancer drug could help lupus patients, German researchers confirm

Hamburg - Cancer DrugsA drug used to treat a form of blood cancer could also be helpful in the treatment of lupus, according to a team of German researchers.

Children who live on busy streets have more allergies, experts warn

Hamburg - Children who live near busy streets and highways have more respiratory problems and hay-fever allergies than children who live in more bucolic settings, according to findings of a group of German researchers.

Asthma and hay fever due to air-born allergens and pollutants are more common among four to six-year-olds who live in high-traffic density districts, say the researchers from the German Research Centre for Environment and Health at the Institute of Epidemiology in Munich.

Whether skin turns lobster red or golden brown, protect it in the sun

Hamburg  - The first strong rays of sunshine after the dark winter months lure many people outside, and as they sun themselves the light prompts their bodies to produce feel-good hormones and vitamin D to stimulate their nervous system.

But the sun's rays are also dangerous as is evidenced by sunburn. The UV rays destroy or alter cell nuclei. The skin can compensate only for part of the damage before it turns red, even when it has its own level of protection.

Vitamin D really does reduce risk of breast cancer, experts confirm

Vitamin D really does reduce risk of breast cancer, experts confirmHamburg  - A new study by German researchers has found conclusive evidence that vitamin D really does reduce the risk of breast cancer in women, confirming anecdotal evidence.

The just-released findings of a long-term study involving 1,394 breast cancer patients and an equal number of healthy women after menopause were surprisingly clear.

Piercings can cause dental complications

Hamburg (dpa) - Body piercings, especially to the lips and tongue, can
cause serious dental complications, according to research conducted by
the University of Tel Aviv.

In the study of 400 consecutive patients, who were aged 20 years on
average, every fourth person with a piercing in the tongue or lips
revealed symptoms such as gum bleeding.

Some 13.9 per cent had broken teeth or other dental complications, the study found.

Mood swings are normal for pregnant women

Mood swings are normal for pregnant womenHamburg  - A pregnant woman's mood can go from one extreme to another, leaving her feeling sad and dejected in one moment and overjoyed in the next.

"Changes in mood during pregnancy are not seldom," said Anette Kersting, a pyschiatrist at the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy at the university hospital in Muenster.

Alcohol isn't harmful in moderation, but it's not a health food

Alcohol isn't harmful in moderation, but it's not a health foodHamburg  - Red wine wards off heart attacks, wine drinkers are healthier than beer drinkers and a drink in the evening certainly has never hurt anyone.

Hip replacement most successful in modern surgery

Hamburg - It was just one careless step and as a result, Bertha Kaufmann twisted her foot and fell to the sidewalk.

"The top of my thigh bone was so badly broken that it also damaged my hip joint," the 83-year-old woman from Braunschweig, Germany said, recalling her accident nine years ago.

In Germany alone hundreds of thousands of people suffer the pain of problems with their hip, the second largest joint in the body. Often a replacement can help, as was the case with Kaufmann, who underwent hip replacement surgery after her fall.

Wellness and fitness merging more and more

Fitness and WellnessHamburg - The word "wellness" is often understood as relaxation and "kicking back": soaking up energy at a spa, whiling away stress in a whirlpool.

Nearly forgotten is the fact that the wellness wave, which rose more than 30 years ago in the United States, was at first mainly a health movement propagating stress avoidance, a balanced diet, and exercise.

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