New anti-AIDS drug goes after virus, avoids side-effects

aids-drugs-bgHanover (Germany), Dec 23 : German scientists have discovered a substance known as a peptide that thwarts the AIDS virus and causes far fewer side-effects than existing anti-HIV drugs, they said Wednesday.

The breakthrough was reported in the science journal Science Translational Medicine after it had been tested on 18 AIDS patients.

Create a noise-free zone for children in the home

HanoverĀ  - Children are exposed to many loud settings in kindergarten and on the playground.

Therefore, experts say, there should be a zone in the home that is free of noise, such as radios and other things that can create shrill sounds.

Constant noise aggravates the sensitive hearing of children and makes many of them aggressive and nervous, according to German accident insurance groups in Hanover and Lower Saxony.

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