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Gelatin from humans could spice up desserts, candies

Gelatin from humans could spice up desserts, candiesHong Kong, July 14 : Gelatin derived from human beings could now spice up desserts and candies, replacing those of animal origin.

Derived from the bones and skin of cows and pigs, gelatin is neither safe nor healthy as it can trigger infections, besides provoking a negative immune response in some people.

Hong Kong recalls mercury-tainted medicine

Hong Kong, May 7 - Hong Kong's department of health has ordered the recall of a traditional Chinese medicine found to contain excessive levels of mercury, Xinhua reported.

The action was taken after a sample obtained by department inspectors from the market was found to contain about two times the permitted limit of mercury.

The drug is known to be used by children for the treatment of "generalised discomfort" like restlessness at night or fever.

New method for testing foetus genes could end miscarriage risks

New method for testing foetus genes could end miscarriage risksHong Kong, Dec 28 - For decades doctors and pregnant women have relied on amniocentesis - taking a sample of DNA from the amniotic fluid - to diagnose certain disorders in unborn babies, despite the risk of triggering a miscarriage.

Hong Kong sees first bird flu case in seven years

Hong Kong sees first bird flu case in seven yearsHong Kong, Nov 18 : Hong Kong officials Thursday stepped up checks on markets and chicken farms after the first human case of bird flu in the city since 2003 was diagnosed.

Tests were also conducted on chickens imported to the densely populated city of seven million from mainland China, Hong Kong Health Secretary York Chow told reporters.

Giving up smoking gives sex lives a lift, study finds

Giving up smoking gives sex lives a lift, study findsHong Kong, Aug 23 - Giving up smoking can dramatically improve flagging sex lives, according to a study conducted by a Hong Kong university.

The University of Hong Kong study found 53.8 percent of smokers being treated for impotence said that their problems eased within six months of stubbing out their nicotine habits.

Hong Kong asks people not to eat meat products

Hong Kong asks people not to eat meat productsHong Kong, Aug 2 : Hong Kong authorities Monday advised people not to eat ready-to-eat meat products produced in Canada, as they suspect those may be contaminated with bacteria.

Hong Kong to dump 2.8 mn doses of swine flu vaccine

swine flu vaccineHong Kong, June 10 : Around 2.8 million doses of unwanted swine flu vaccine worth $28.2 million are to be thrown away, officials said here Thursday.

The vaccines are part of a batch of three million ordered at the height of the pandemic when it was feared the H1N1 virus was a serious threat and could mutate into a more deadly form.

Hong Kong women pay up to $10,000 in weight-loss craze

Hong Kong, Dec 7 - Hong Kong women are paying up to $10,000 for dubious weight-loss programmes as a craze for dieting sweeps the city, a news report said Monday.

Dieters in the wealthy city are being talked into placing large deposits for programmes which they are told they will recoup after they have slimmed to a target weight, the Hong Kong Standard reported.

One woman was talked into paying out $10,322 while another woman who earns only $1,290 a month was made to pay a "deposit" of over $5,800 until she lost 13.6 kg.

Melamine found for first time in eggs

Hong Kong (dpa) - Melamine has been found for the first time in eggs imported into Hong Kong from China, a media report said Sunday.

The move has prompted concerns that the industrial chemical, which can cause kidney stones and other renal problems particularly in children, has contaminated more of the city's food supply than first thought, the South China Morning Post said.

Melamine had previously been restricted to dairy products.

Hong Kong to lift ban on TV ads for anti-smoking patches and gum

Hong Kong - Broadcasting authorities in Hong Kong were preparing Friday to lift a ban on the advertising of anti-smoking nicotine patches and gum.

The proposed lifting of the prohibition, which must be approved by the government, would end a 30-year ban on adverts for "smoking cures," which was introduced to avoid misleading commercials.

In a consultation paper distributed Friday, the territory's Broadcasting Authority said lifting the ban would acknowledge the "right of smokers to know about smoking cessation products."

Pollution to blame for Asia's growing number of sneezes

Pollution to blame for Asia's growing number of sneezesHong Kong - It starts with a sneeze, a runny nose and a cough. You think it's a cold but when the symptoms persist, you consult your doctor. The diagnosis: Bad air. You are suffering an allergic reaction to pollution.

Tainted milk chemical found in Heinz baby food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - The industrial chemical that has contaminated Chinese milk supplies has been found in Heinz baby food in Hong Kong, officials said Saturday.

Melamine was found in samples of Heinz DHA plus AA Vegetable Formula Cereal in tests by the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety on food imported from China.

The amount detected in the sample was 1.6 milligrams per kilogram, the centre said, compared to a newly introduced legal limit of 1 milligram per kilogram.

Worried parents swamp Hong Kong hospital in tainted milk scare

Hong Kong - Hundreds of parents swamped a Hong Kong hospital Monday to get their children checked after a 3-year-old girl became ill with a kidney stone from contaminated Chinese milk.

The Princess Margaret Hospital, designated to deal with all contaminated milk cases in the city of 6.9 million, struggled to cope as huge crowds overran its emergency unit.

Parents faced waits of hours just to see doctors for checks on their children, many of whom were crying and complaining of pains and stomach cramps.

Deadly chemical found in China milk products on sale in Hong Kong

Hong Kong  - Milk products containing melamine, which has killed four babies in China and made 6,000 other babies ill, have been found on sale in Hong Kong, health officials announced Thursday.

The industrial chemical was found in eight samples of imported milk products from China tested by Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety, which tested a total of 30 samples.

All of the milk products were supplied by the Yili Group and have been withdrawn from sale in Hong Kong. There are no reports of affected babies in the city of 6.9 million.

Popular US soup cleared from supermarket shelves in Hong Kong

Popular US soup cleared from supermarket shelves in Hong Kong Hong Kong - Hundreds of thousands of tins of a popular imported soup were cleared from shop shelves in Hong Kong Friday after complaints of a bad smell.

About 350,000 tins of Campbell's mushroom soup made in Malaysia for the Hong Kong and Macau markets are being recalled after three customers complained of a bad odor.

Hunt on for contaminated oysters after Macau hotel poisonings

Hong Kong - Health officials investigating a spate of food poisoning cases in luxury hotels in Macau on Tuesday were trying to find hundreds more boxes of contaminated oysters.

The outbreak in the Chinese gambling resort has been traced back to a batch of 1,500 contaminated boxes from a Hong Kong seafood exporter.

More than 100 people fell sick last week at the Venetian casino hotel, the Sands Macau Hotel and the Hotel Golden Dragon after eating the oysters.

More than 100 poisoned by oysters in luxury Macau hotels

More than 100 poisoned by oysters in luxury Macau hotelsHong Kong - More than 100 people have been poisoned by tainted oysters at top hotels in the casino resort of Macau, a radio report said Saturday.

Fifty nine people were sick after eating the oysters at the Sands Macau Hotel while another 39 were ill after eating oysters at the Venetian, Hong Kong's government-run radio station RTHK said.

Girl, 6, becomes seventh child victim of mystery Hong Kong disease

Hong Kong - A 6-year-old schoolgirl has become the seventh child victim of a mystery illness in Hong Kong, health officials confirmed Friday.

The girl died on Wednesday, one day after being treated and discharged for fever and vomiting at a hospital emergency unit, the city's Department of Health said.

Her death is the seventh unexplained child death in the past five months and the third in less than a month, a department spokesman confirmed.

More than one in seven Hong Kong youngsters is overweight

Overweight Hong Kong - The number of overweight children in Hong Kong has risen by 50 per cent in the past 15 years as youngsters exercise less and eat unhealthily, according to a survey released Thursday.

Ten per cent of children were overweight in 1993 but the figure has risen to 15 per cent, or more than one in seven by 2008, the study by Hong Kong's Chinese University said.

Hong Kong bans pregnant mainland Chinese from giving birth in city

Hong Kong - Hong Kong hospitals Thursday started to turn away women from mainland China arriving to give birth in an attempt to stop a flood of cross-border "maternity tourists" costing the former British colony millions of US dollars.

The territory has imposed a three-month ban on childbirth bookings by mainland mothers, many of whom cross the border heavily pregnant to give birth in the wealthy city's public hospitals.

Fourth child succumbs to mystery virus in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - A fourth child has fallen ill with a mystery virus that is suspected to have killed two children and left one in serious condition, health officials said Thursday.

The latest patient, a 3-year-old boy, was admitted to hospital Tuesday with fever and vomiting. His conditioned worsened after convulsions and he fell into a coma, the Centre for Health Protection said.

His condition was said to be critical Thursday with signs of blood poisoning and brain abnormalities.

Hong Kong patients told to go to China for kidney transplants

Hong Kong patients told to go to China for kidney transplantsHong Kong - Kidney patients have been advised to go to China for transplants by a leading surgeon because of a shortage of donors in Hong Kong, a media report said Thursday.

But the issue has reprised concerns that organs available in China might have been harvested from executed prisoners without their consent, the South China Morning Post said.

Hong Kong baby given 10 times normal level of morphine survives

Hong Kong - A probe has been launched in Hong Kong after a baby boy was given 10 times the required amount of morphine, hospital officials said Monday.

The two-week-old boy was given 2.5 milligrams of morphine after being admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Kowloon district of the territory on July 18 with jaundice.

Hospital administrators said the baby appeared to have breathing difficulties and was given the morphine to help him breath. But they have launched an investigation to find out why he received the unusually large dose.

Hong Kong urges tougher controls on patients' data

Hong Kong - Tougher controls to protect patients' personal and medical data should be introduced at the city's hospitals following a series of security blunders, the territory's privacy watchdog said Tuesday.

Roderick Woo, the privacy commissioner, made 37 recommendations to the Hospital Authority after inspecting the data security system at one of its hospitals.

Squinting kids could risk eye cancer

Squinting kids could risk eye cancerHong Kong  - Children under five years old who often squint should be checked for possible eye cancer, a media report said Monday.

Frequent squinting or pupils that appear to be white could be signs of a growing tumor, the Standard said, quoting a leading eye specialist.

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