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Period pain affects work of girls: Research

Period pain affects work of girls: ResearchLos Angeles, April 17 : A new research suggests period pain not only causes discomfort but it can also affect the work environment of girls especially those working on computers.

British researchers have found that the pain can reduce cognitive performance, reports femalefirst. co. uk.

How to look good after a long haul flight

How to look good after a long haul flightLos Angeles, April 17 : A long flight takes a toll not only on the body but also on the face, but one can look glamorous even after long extended travelling by following a few tips.

When the Duchess of Cambridge arrived in New Zealand on Prince George’s first royal tour after almost a 24-hour flight, she looked even more fabulous than usual.


Tricks for a toned stomach

Tricks for a toned stomachLos Angeles, April 7 : Crop tops are a must-have fashion trend this season, but before you choose to flaunt them, get rid of your belly fat. Try torso rotations or leg lifts for a toned stomach.

Femalefirst. co. uk lists four exercises, along with some cardio and healthy eating tips that can help in getting abs in no time.


Why you should run

Why you should runLos Angeles, April 5 : Running is a great cardio workout which helps aid weight loss alongside a healthy eating plan, but there are plenty more reasons why one should put on one's running shoes.

Femalefirst. co. uk lists reasons why running is beneficial:

* It doesn't cost you anything: You can run anywhere you like to, and it doesn't cost you anything. Just pick your destination and head to it.


Painful joints impact sex life: Survey

Painful joints impact sex life: SurveyLos Angeles, Feb 18 : Painful joints have become a bigger and more real reason than the good old excuse of "having a headache" for people abstaining from physical intimacy, according to new research.

Arthritis Research Britain conducted the survey to reveal the everyday challenges couples face in their relationships, and to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with Arthritis and joint pain to stay intimate in their relationships.


'Protein-filled breakfast helps loose weight'

'Protein-filled breakfast helps loose weight'Los Angeles, Nov 20 : Eating a protein-filled breakfast is an answer for those who wants to loose weight instantly, according to new research.

A new study reveals that a meal high in protein instead of carbohydrates or fibre for breakfast could help stave off hunger pangs later in the day.

Eating eggs, sausages or bacon for breakfast could therefore helps in eating less during the day, reports femalefirst. co. uk.


Use natural exfoliators to treat sun damage

Use natural exfoliators to treat sun damageLos Angeles, Aug 27 : As the summer draws to a close, it's time to think about sun-damaged skin. Expert says go for natural exfoliators like jojoba beads and ground apricot kernel.

Linda Horan, Borealis Natural Skincare's in-house expert, feels that if you have sun damage on the face and neck area, then wear at least a broad spectrum SPF 25 daily apart from exfoliating gently, reports femalefirst. co. uk.


How poor sleep ups junk food craving

How poor sleep ups junk food cravingLos Angeles, Aug 7 - If you don't sleep well, you could well feel the pressing urge to gorge on junk food -- thus doing much harm to your health, says new research that seeks to shed light on the link between poor sleep and obesity.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, examined the brain regions that control food choices and found that inadequate sleep makes one crave junk food.


Nerve action linked to prostate cancer spread

Nerve action linked to prostate cancer spreadLos Angeles, July 13 : Scientists have found that nerves play a crucial role in both the development and spread of prostate tumours - the second most common form of cancer in men, says a study.


Cheerful people less likely to suffer heart attack: Study

Cheerful people less likely to suffer heart attack: StudyLos Angeles, July 11 : People with cheerful dispositions are less likely to suffer a coronary event such as a heart attack or sudden cardiac death, says a study.

Previous research has shown that depressed and anxious people are more likely to die of heart attack than those who are sunnier.

Now, a chip that detects disease in blood drop

Now, a chip that detects disease in blood dropLos Angeles, June 25 : Scientists have engineered a cutting-edge sensor chip that can detect diseases from a drop of blood, says a new study.


Painkiller receptor variant developed

Painkiller receptor variant developedLos Angeles, June 17 - Researchers have developed a variant of a major painkiller receptor that enables scientists to perform experiments previously deemed difficult or impossible, says a study.

An interdisciplinary group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has developed a variant of the mu opioid receptor that has several advantages when it comes to experimentation.


Scientists identify memory-boosting molecule in mice

Scientists identify memory-boosting molecule in miceLos Angeles, June 15 - Scientists have identified a key memory-enhancing molecule in mice that could pave the way for boosting cognitive functions in humans, says a study.


Friendly colleagues to cut risk of diabetes

Friendly colleagues to cut risk of diabetesLos Angeles, May 11 : New research reveals that friendly co-workers can reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have found that whether you look healthy or not, people who work in a stressful job with unfriendly colleagues have higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes, reports dailymail. co. uk.


Extra chromosome linked to impaired functions

Extra chromosome linked to impaired functionsLos Angeles, March 25 : Scientists have shown that inheritance of an extra chromosome in Down's syndrome that leads to decreased protein production is responsible for impaired cognitive functions, says a study.

Researchers have discovered that the extra chromosome inherited in Down syndrome impairs learning and memory because it leads to low levels of SNX27 protein in the brain.


Low protein diet may delay Alzheimer's

Low protein diet may delay Alzheimer'sLos Angeles, Feb 15 : Restricted protein diet may delay the process of Alzheimer's disease, says an American study.

Mice with many of the pathologies of Alzheimer's disease showed fewer signs of the disease when given a protein-restricted diet supplemented with specific amino acids every other week for four months, reports Science Daily.


Red meat could elevate bowel cancer risk

Red meat could elevate bowel cancer riskLos Angeles, Aug 10 - Singer Rihanna has reportedly invited five of her favourite fans to her home in Barbados for a vacation.

The 24-year-old made the gesture in order to recognise the amount of money her fans have spent following her around the world, reports femalefirst. co. uk.

The singer paid for their accommodation in the upper range in the Sandy Lane Hotel and invited them for tea at her house.


Genes linked to migraine discovered

Genes linked to migraine discoveredLos Angeles, June 13 - US scientists have discovered three gene variants linked to migraine, a move that could help understand the cause of severe headaches.

Inheriting any one of the three gene variants raises risk of severe headaches by 10 to 15 percent, the researchers said in a study published online by the journal Nature Genetics.


Too little or too much sleep linked with cognitive decline

Too little or too much sleep linked with cognitive declineLos Angeles, May 2 - Middle-aged adults who sleep too less or too much may be more likely to suffer cognitive decline, a study suggests.

According to the study, less than six hours of sleep each night is considered too little and more than eight hours as too much for middle-aged adults.