Nepal hit by swine flu outbreak

Nepal hit by swine flu outbreakKathmandu, Oct 3 (IANS) A strain of the swine flu virus -- Pandemic influenza A (H1N1) pdm9 -- has been detected in Kathmandu and three other districts outside the Nepal capital, doctors said Wednesday.

Physicians at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital here confirmed the outbreak after it was detected in blood samples collected in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Sindhuli and Khotang districts, Xinhua reported.

Prior to this, the virus had hit Nepal in 2009.

Nepal marks World Population Day

Nepal marks World Population DayKathmandu, July 11 : Nepal marks this year''s World Population Day with the theme "Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services" on Wednesday.

In its efforts to meet the fifth Millennium Development Goal ( MDG), improving maternal health, the government has adopted and identified nine components in the National Reproductive Strategy 2008.

Anti-drug campaign launched in Nepal

Anti-drug campaign launched in NepalKathmandu, June 7 : Nepal police has launched a nationwide anti-drugs campaign in collaboration with a non- governmental organization, NARCONON, to fight against illegal use of drugs to grassroot level across the country.

Nepal Police is collaborating with NARCONON Nepal, hoping to mobilize some 60,000 people in the anti-drug awareness campaign within six months, according to Thursday''s Republica report.

Over 300 chickens culled in Nepal farm

Over 300 chickens culled in Nepal farmKathmandu, March 22 : About 350 chickens have been culled in a farm in Nepal following confirmation of an outbreak of bird flu.

Bal Krishna Bhusal, chief of the district public health office, told Xinhua that health officials have disinfected the farm in Bhainsepati of Lalitpur district.

They have also conducted medical tests on people living in the area.

Nepal ignores India's cancer concerns over betel nut

Nepal ignores India's cancer concerns over betel nutKathmandu, April 2 : While pressing for trade concessions from its largest business partner India, Nepal, however, has been stolidly ignoring New Delhi's growing health concerns with government and customs officials working in cahoots to flood India with the carcinogenic betel nut.

Indian doctor censures Nepal ex-crown prince's lifestyle

Indian doctor censures Nepal ex-crown prince's lifestyleKathmandu, Dec 17: The man who had saved Nepal's crown prince Paras three years ago, when he had a heart attack, is unhappy with the lifestyle of the now deposed royal, calling it "unhealthy".

Nepal reports outbreak of bird flu

Kathmandu, Feb 4 - Nepal has reported an outbreak of bird flu in the country, a media report said Thursday.

Six samples collected from a poultry farm in the western district of Pokhara tested positive to the H5N1 virus, Xinhua quoted Hari Dahal of the agriculture and cooperatives ministry as saying.

The samples were sent to London's Weybridge Laboratory for confirmation after they tested positive in Nepal, Dahal said Wednesday.

Health authorities collected the samples after about 100 chicken and 38 ducks in a farm in Ghoripatan died in January.

Swine flu cases treble in Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec 29 - Nepal Tuesday sounded its first alarm for the pandemic swine flu with the health ministry publicly disclosing that the number of reported cases had jumped to 150 from the earlier 48.

However, the government media Tuesday quoted a senior official of the Avian Influenza Control Project under the ministry of health and population as saying that the actual number could be still higher since outbreaks in remote villages would not be reported immediately.

Nepal records its first swine flu deaths

Kathmandu, Dec 28 - Six months after the first swine flu cases were reported in Nepal, the pandemic has claimed its first victims in the country, with two people succumbing to the virus.

Nepal's state media Monday reported the death of a 30-year-old woman at Bir Hospital, Nepal's oldest hospital, due to the influenza she contracted while undergoing treatment for renal failure.

The patient, whose identity has not been revealed due to requests from her family, came from Bhaktapur town and had been admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital 19 days ago, doctors said.

Nepal customs agents seize Chinese biscuits amid health scare

Kathmandu -Nepal customs agents seize Chinese biscuits amid health scare Nepalese custom officials seized 10 tons of Chinese-manufactured biscuits imported into the country amid growing health scare over contaminated milk products, media reports said Saturday.

The seizure came a day after the government imposed a ban on the import of Chinese chocolates, candies and milk products.

47 per cent water is unsafe for drinking in Kathmandu: Survey

Kathmandu, Aug. 26: A recent survey by the NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation (NGOFUWS) and tested by consumers themselves found that chlorine content in 47 per cent of piped water samples collected from 120 places of the Kathmandu Valley is nil.

At least 648 samples (47 per cent) among the 1,385 tested in between June 9 and August 25, contained no Free Residual Chlorine (FRC) while 99 samples contained higher FRC than recommended.

Surviving Nepalese conjoined twin likely to undergo more surgery

Singapore - A surviving Nepalese conjoined twin is likely to return later this year to Singapore for an operation that will give her a bone-like covering to protect the top of her head, a neurosurgeon said Thursday.

Jamuna Shrestha, whose 8-year-old sister, Ganga, died Tuesday in a Kathmandu hospital, needs a cranioplasty, said Dr Keith Goh, one the lead doctors in the 97-hour surgery performed in 2001 to separate the sisters, who were joined at the head.

Conjoined twin dies seven years after 97-hour separation surgery

Singapore - A Nepalese conjoined twin who was separated seven years ago from her sister during 97 hours of surgery has died in a Kathmandu hospital, media reports said Wednesday.

Ganga Shrestha, 8, fell ill, was admitted to intensive care and diagnosed with meningitis. She died Tuesday, The Straits Times said.

Hospitals across Nepal shut down as doctors expand strike

Kathmandu - Hospitals across Nepal shut down Thursday after doctors expanded their strike to cover the entire nation to protest against assaults and threats against them.

The Nepal Medical Association, a doctors' umbrella organization, said hundreds of hospitals as well as thousands of private clinics and nursing homes had heeded its calls to shut down, leaving only emergency services open.

Bird-flu risk in six districts of Nepal

Bird-flu risk in six districts of NepalKantipur (Kathmandu), May 23 : Six districts of Nepal bordering India are at risk of bird flu according to the Avian Influenza Control Project.

Nepal bans food grain exports to prevent shortages

Kathmandu  - The Nepalese government Thursday banned the export of food grains, including rice, in the face of rising prices and fears of food shortages.

The Nepalese government said the decision was to maintain stocks of food and followed similar steps by its neighbour India.

"In view of demands of food grain in international market and to prevent deterioration of food security in the country, the government has stopped export of rice, wheat and paddy with immediate effect," the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply said.

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