Italy doctor with Ebola has recovered: Media

Italy doctor with Ebola has recovered: MediaRome - An Italian doctor who contracted Ebola in west Africa has recovered from the disease after undergoing experimental treatment, local media has reported.

The 50-year-old from Sicily, who has not been named, has been in isolation at Rome's Spallanzani institute since he was evacuated from Sierra Leone in mid-November.

Doctors reported ten days ago that he could breathe walk and eat unassisted.

Migrant woman gives birth at sea

Migrant woman gives birth at seaRome, Aug 29 - A woman migrant gave birth to a baby girl during a four-day voyage across the Mediterranean Sea, when she and close to 200 other mostly Syrian migrants travelled to Italy, doctors said.

Among the 191 migrants rescued by the Italian coastguard around 50 km off the eastern Sicilian coast and taken to the port of Syracuse, 48 were women and 51 were minors.

One-fifth of Syrians lack access to sufficient food

One-fifth of Syrians lack access to sufficient foodRome, July 6 - The civil war in Syria is harming the country's agriculture sector and one-fifth of the population - around four million people - cannot produce or buy enough food, the UN has said.

And impending risks to Syrian crops threaten to worsen food shortages, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) warned in a joint report.

Pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's disease

Pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's diseaseRome, May 28 : Researchers have analysed more than 100 global studies to show that exposure to pesticides, weed killers and solvents is likely to be associated with a higher risk for developing Parkinson's disease.

The research appears in the May 28 print issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Smoking after stroke raises death risk three-fold

Smoking after stroke raises death risk three-foldRome, Aug 29 - Patients who resume smoking after a stroke tend to face a three-fold increase in death-risk, says an Italian study.

Researchers led by Furio Colivicchi, professor at the San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome, also found that earlier the patients resumed smoking, the greater their risk of death with a year.

"It is well-established that smoking increases the risk of having a stroke," said Colivicchi.

A million Italians are gambling addicts,says study

A million Italians are gambling addicts,says studyRome, April 11 : Gambling is the third biggest business in Italy, where nearly one million people are addicted, according to a study.

"We estimated that Italy has the biggest gambling turnover in Europe, amounting to over 76 billion euro ($99 billion) a year legally, plus 10 billion euro illegally," said Marcello Cozzi, deputy president of Libera, an anti-mafia association.

500,000 Libyans have got UN-delivered food

500,000 Libyans have got UN-delivered foodRome, June 19 - More than half a million people affected by the conflict in Libya have received food delivered by the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

Fighting began between rebels and Muammar Gaddafi's military in February.

Italy wine exports beat home consumption for first time

Italy wine exports beat home consumption for first timeRome, April 8 - The value of Italian wine consumed abroad for the first time last year was more than domestic sales, according to a report by agricultural consumer group Coldiretti.

Wine drinkers outside of Italy in 2010 spent 3.93 billion euros on wines like the celebrated Tuscan Brunello di Montalcino, a 12 percent jump from the prior year, according to the report by Rome-based Coldiretti.

New world record: Heart surgery on 100-year-old man

New world record: Heart surgery on 100-year-old manRome, April 8 - Italy has set a new world record in the field of medical science with an open-heart surgery on a 100-year-old man, a media report said.

Medical experts from Florence city's Careggi Hospital carried out the surgery using the implantation of an artery-widening balloon and three stents or expandable tubes.

A supplement that cures erectile dysfunction

A supplement that cures erectile dysfunctionRome, Nov 25 - Italian scientist and doctor Ermanno Greco claims to have created a supplement which cures erectile dysfunction and which has been successful in 85 percent of the cases tested.

Greco, who is director of the Centre of Reproductive Biology and Medicine at the European Hospital in Rome, said the supplement has produced excellent results.

UN: Potentially hazardous chemicals to fall under spotlight in Rome

FAORome - Representatives from over 120 governments are scheduled to meet in Rome next week to decide whether to add two pesticides and an industrial chemical to an international list of potentially hazardous substances, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Wednesday.

PPR outbreak threatens millions of sheep, goats in Morocco, says UN

Rome - The first-ever outbreak in Morocco of the viral disease "peste des petits ruminants," also known as PRR, threatens to kill millions of sheep and goats and could spread to neighbouring countries, a United Nations agency warned Tuesday.

According to the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization the outbreak has largely affected sheep, with 133 outbreaks identified in 29 of Morocco's provinces.

Indian woman, 55, gives birth to quadruplets in Italy

Rome, Aug 21 : A 55-year-old Indian woman India has delivered identical quadruplets in the northern Italian city of Mantua, a local newspaper has reported.

According to gazzettadimantova. repubblica. it, the woman, who has lived in nearby Suzzara for 15 years, had gone home to India to be artificially inseminated after trying unsuccessfully in Italy.

"We have been waiting for this moment for 15 years,'''' the babies'' 38-year-old father Pabla Maghar Singh said.

"We are really very happy,” he added.

Healthy Mediterranean diet is dying out at home, UN expert says

Rome - Hailed for keeping people slim, healthy and living longer, the Mediterranean diet has followers all over the world - but is increasingly disregarded around the Mediterranean, a United Nations expert said Tuesday.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Senior Economist Josef Schmidhuber, over the past 45 years the famed diet revolving around fresh fruit and vegetables has "decayed into a moribund state" in its home area.

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