Wider-faced men right choice for speed dating

Singapore, Feb 6 - Looking for short-term relationships? Choose men with wider faces as they more dominant and attractive for speed-dating.

Previous studies have found that women prefer more dominant men for short-term relationships but these were based in the lab and did not involve an interaction that could actually lead to mating and dating.

Discovery enables quicker diagnosis of chikunguyna

Discovery enables quicker diagnosis of chikunguynaSingapore, March 15 - Doctors can now quickly and accurately identify patients at risk from chikungunya, a mosquito-borne infectious disease endemic to Southeast Asia and Africa.

Lisa Ng, principal investigator at A*STAR's Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), and her team discovered a direct biomarker which shows up in patients at risk of severe form of chikungunya fever (CHIKF).

In Singapore, get secret HIV test done in van

In Singapore, get secret HIV test done in vanSingapore, Dec 8 : In a first-of-its-kind service in Southeast Asia, a community organisation in Singapore has launched a mobile service van that would conduct HIV tests and also keep the person's identity and the test results a secret.

Action for AIDS Singapore launched the test service Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

Singapore fertility centre fined due to sperm mix-up

Singapore fertility centre fined due to sperm mix-upSingapore, June 22 : A medical facility in Singapore offering fertility procedures has been fined after a different person's sperm was used in an in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) process, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Thomson Medical, the fertility centre, was fined 20,000 Singapore dollars (around $19,355), according to Xinhua.

Scientists discover key gene's role in colorectal cancer

Singapore - Scientists discover key gene's role in colorectal cancer Scientists have discovered a genetic clue that could prevent the growth and development of colorectal cancer, news reports said Tuesday.

The Singapore team found that when the gene called RUNX3 is disrupted, colorectal cancer can occur. RUNX3 suppresses abnormal cell growth.

Travellers to Malaysia told to cover up, use insect repellent

Singapore - Travellers heading to Malaysia were advised Tuesday to cover up and generously apply insect repellent as the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus spreads in neighbouring Singapore.

At least 82 of the 117 chikungunya patients in the city-state were hit by a strain of the virus that has been circulating in Malaysia.

Malaysia has reported a record 136 chikungunya patients this year.

Soya bean cuts breast cancer risk among Chinese women

Soya bean cuts breast cancer risk among Chinese women Singapore - Soya bean, a perennial Asian staple, reduces the risk of breast cancer among Chinese women, a published study said on Tuesday.

Conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUH), the University of Southern California and the University of Minnesota, the study tracked more than 34,000 Chinese women in Singapore aged 45 to 74 for a decade.

Malaysian candy removed from Singapore store shelves

Singapore - A Malaysian candy has been pulled from store shelves in Singapore after California health authorities found it contained traces of lead, news reports said Thursday.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has instructed all importers and retailers to remove the candy from sale.

California's Department of Public Health issued a warning Monday after analysis revealed that the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy was contaminated, The Straits Times said.

Chikungunya disease strikes 17 workers, mostly foreigners

Singapore - The mosquito-borne chikungunya disease has hit 17 workers in the largest outbreak of the viral infection in the city-state, the Singapore Health Ministry data said Friday.

The patients, all living in the Kranji Way area, include seven Indian nationals, three Bangladeshis, two Thais, two Malaysians and two Singaporeans.

Fifteen of them worked in a single company making building materials, The Straits Times said. The other two were employed in a nearby storage yard.

More helpful husband tops working mothers' wish list

More helpful husband tops working mothers' wish list Singapore  - A more helpful husband is the biggest wish among one in four working mothers struggling to balance domestic roles with careers, a survey said Tuesday.

Dads who play a hands-on role in parenting emerged as far more important than obtaining more childcare leave from employers, according to the findings of the Working Mothers' Forum, a support group.

Water quality warnings have enthusiasts in a tizzy

Singapore - Water sports enthusiasts in Singapore are scrambling to find other venues after receiving advisories about unhealthy water quality at two of Singapore's most popular areas, news reports said Saturday.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has warned that the waters off Pasir Ris Beach and in the Marina Reservoir are unsafe for sports where total body immersion is likely, including swimming, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Surviving Nepalese conjoined twin likely to undergo more surgery

Singapore - A surviving Nepalese conjoined twin is likely to return later this year to Singapore for an operation that will give her a bone-like covering to protect the top of her head, a neurosurgeon said Thursday.

Jamuna Shrestha, whose 8-year-old sister, Ganga, died Tuesday in a Kathmandu hospital, needs a cranioplasty, said Dr Keith Goh, one the lead doctors in the 97-hour surgery performed in 2001 to separate the sisters, who were joined at the head.

Worker loses appendage in Singapore every three days

Singapore - A worker in Singapore loses a hand or finger every three days, a startling statistic revealed at a forum on protecting limbs at the workplace, news reports said Tuesday.

Such accidents usually happen when hands or fingers become caught between roller cutters of meat-slicing machines or presses that have enough force to mould metal, The Straits Times said.

In greatest peril are those working in manufacturing, metal- working or food processing.

Healthcare tourism on the rise in Singapore

Singapore - Healthcare tourism is soaring in Singapore with Raffles Medical Group's (RMG) hospital arm posting a 25-per-cent increase in foreign cases over last year, RMG said Tuesday.

The increase coincides with record second-quarter revenue of 50.6 million Singapore dollars (37 million US dollars,) up 22.3 per cent from the corresponding period of 2007.

Despite a slowdown in other tourism, Dr Loo Choon Yong said that healthcare tourists are a "special group."

New method enables women to give birth with less pain

Singapore - A Singapore hospital has developed a way for women to give birth with less pain, doctors said in a published report on Saturday.

Anaesthetic is released through the spine to numb the body, an epidural, in amounts and at intervals controlled by the woman in labour at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH).

The new method of delivering the epidural even does away with "breakthrough pain," felt despite being given an anaesthetic, said the findings in The Straits Times.

Singapore doctors say self-exams help in detection of cancer

SingaporeBreast Cancer - Doctors in Singapore are urging women to examine their breasts regularly for early detection of cancer, despite studies in China and Russia finding the checks may do more harm than good, a news report said Thursday.

Singapore children get less sleep than those in Western countries

Singapore - Nearly 45 per cent of parents in Singapore believe their children are not getting enough sleep, far higher than the estimated 26 per cent of parents in Western countries, a published study said on Monday.

The Asia-Pacific Paediatric Sleep Alliance surveyed the guardians of more than 30,000 infants and toddlers worldwide.

Parents in the city-state are around the Asian average when it comes to fretting over snoring and night-time waking, said the findings in The Straits Times.

Minister says Singapore should not rule out organ selling yet

Singapore - Singapore is not ruling out legalizing organ trading amid the stark reality of shortages for transplants and a black market in the Asian region, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan told The Straits Times.

The comment by Khaw came as a surprise given the government's firm stand on enforcing the present laws, which prohibit the buying and selling of human kidneys, lungs and other organs.

"I think we should not write off or reject the idea of selling organs," Khaw was quoted as saying. "But I think we need to study it carefully."

Retail magnate charged with trying to purchase kidney

Singapore - A retail-chain magnate became the first person in Singapore to be charged with trying to purchase a kidney, news reports said Friday.

Tang Wee Sung planned to pay 300,000 Singapore dollars (206,000 US dollars) to secure a kidney from an Indonesian man through alleged broker Wang Chin Sing, the court was told.

Teenager discovers new breed of tropical flower

Singapore  - A patient teenager has discovered a new breed of a tropical flower after waiting seven years to see it bloom, The Sunday Times said.

Ryan Su, now a 19-year-old national servicemen, has reportedly become the youngest person in the world to discover a new breed of the heliconia flower.

He has collected 30 varieties of the popular tropical flower in his garden in Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

He told the newspaper he almost threw the plant out last year, after waiting in vain for seven years to see it bloom.

Camel's milk during Saudi trip gives two people rare illness

Singapore - Two Singaporeans returned from a holiday in Saudi Arabia with a rare illness from drinking camel's milk, the health ministry said in a published report on Saturday.

The pair ended up in a hospital for three weeks with brucellosis accompanied by a stubborn fever, the ministry said. They recovered following a regimen of antibiotics.

The cause of their illness was identified as fresh camel's milk infected with the brucella bacteria, The Straits Times said.

Study finds spine disorder more frequent in Chinese, Malays

Spine DisorderSingapore - Nearly one in 10 Singaporeans over 40 suffers from a curved spine disorder, the findings of the first such study in Asia said Wednesday.

The results are in line with a study carried out in North America, which showed similar results.

Human trials start on new liver cancer treatment

Singapore - Liver CancerResearchers have started human trials on a new way to treat an advanced form of liver cancer, a published report said Monday.

Doctors at Singapore's National Cancer Centre (NCC) said that the method is a combination of existing treatments including the injection of a radioactive particle into the tumour to help patients with cancers that are too advanced for surgery.

Research giant Bayer to create higher-yielding rice varieties

Singapore  - Research giant Bayer has opened a lab aiming to create higher-yielding varieties of rice to help Asian countries cope with shortage and skyrocketing prices.

The 10-million-Singapore-dollar (7.4-million-US-dollar) facility will focus on creating strains that are 30 per cent more productive than current varieties and disease resistant, said spokesman Damien Plan.

The lab which opened on Friday, is currently staffed with five scientists, but plans for 15 within the next three years.

Some GPS ignoring requirement for itemized bills

Singapore - Nearly half of general practitioners (GP) queried have ignored a new guideline requiring them to give patients an itemized bill, a survey said on Monday.

The survey conducted by The Straits Times found that 10 out of 10 specialist clinics in Singapore offered itemized receipts, but nine out of 20 GP clinics did not. Three GP clinics did not issue a bill at all.

A detailed breakdown became compulsory in April, separating such items as consultation fees and medication.

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