Fish oil, low calorie diet and meal replacement combo may tackle obesity

Fish oil, low calorie diet and meal replacement combo may tackle obesityTaipei, June 18 : In a new study, scientists have found that fish oil combined with meal replacement, and a calorie-restricted diet can be effective weight management and improvements in metabolic syndrome.

Taiwan on high alert over rabies outbreak

Taiwan on high alert over rabies outbreakTaipei, Aug 3 - Taiwan has been put on high alert for rabies after 22 infections were reported on the island, and the virus jumped from infected ferret-badgers to an Asian house shrew, officials said.

Taiwan started reporting rabies cases last month. Prior to the outbreak, Taiwan had been rabies-free since 1959. No humans or dogs have yet been reported infected in the current outbreak.

Taiwan man says killing wife was 'euthanasia'

Taipei, Dec 28 - An 83-year old man in Taiwan has admitted murdering his wife with a screwdriver in what he claims was a "mercy killing" in the light of her Parkinson's disease.

Wang Ching-hsi, a retired engineer, killed his wife Sun Yuan-ping, 80, who suffered from Parkinson's' disease, at their Taipei home Sunday.

Wang gave her sleeping pills then used a hammer to knock the screwdriver in her skull. Wang then turned himself in to police, claiming he performed euthanasia to end her suffering.

Taiwan cancels eating contests after man dies of suffocation

Taipei - Taiwan has canceled or suspended several eating competitions after one man died from suffocation in an eating contest, a newspaper said on Friday.

The decision to cancel or halt the eating contests comes after Chen Chun-ying, a student at the Tayeh University in western Taiwan, died from suffocation Wednesday during a bread and egg eating competition held by the school, the United Daily News (UDN) reported.

Taiwan to accept sex-change woman as man

Taipei - Taiwan, under pressure from gender-equality groups, plans to accept a woman who has undergone sex-change surgery as a man even if he doesn't have a constructed penis, a newspaper said Tuesday.

The Health Department made the compromise Monday after protests from gender-equality groups triggered by a recent Interior Ministry decree that said a woman must have a reconstructed penis if she wants the gender on her identification card changed, the China Times reported.

Taiwan finds tiny amount of melamine in Nestle milk powder

Nestle Milk PowderTaipei - Taiwan on Thursday ordered six brands of Nestle milk powder taken from shelves after finding tiny doses of melamine in the products which were produced in China.

The Department of Health (DOH) issued the order after tests showed that the six products - five using the brand-name KLIM
(the reverse of MILK) and one called NESLAC - contained 0.2-0.8 parts per million (ppm) of melamine.

China allows Taiwan to send delegation to investigate milk scandal

China allows Taiwan to send delegation to investigate milk scandalTaipei - China has approved Taiwan's request to send a delegation to China to investigate its tainted milk scandal because contaminated Chinese diary products have been exported to Taiwan, an official said Thursday.

Taiwan bans sale of food using Chinese dairy products

China Tainted MilkTaipei - Taiwan's health authorities ordered all food and beverages using Chinese dairy ingredients be taken off the shelves by 10 pm (1400 GMT) Wednesday, in the latest fallout from China's tainted milk scandal.

Taiwan bans sale of food using Chinese dairy products

Chinese dairy productsTaipei - Taiwan's health authorities said all food and beverages using Chinese dairy ingredients must be pulled off the shelves by 10 pm (1400 GMT) Wednesday, in the latest fallout of the Chinese tainted milk scandal.

Taiwan bans import of dairy products from 22 Chinese firms

Taipei  - Taiwan on Wednesday banned the import of dairy products manufactured by 22 Chinese firms effective immediately, days after it barred the importation of a tainted Chinese baby formula linked to at least three infant deaths in China.

It also announced a list of 17 Taiwan firms that have imported Chinese dairy products in the past nine months for public reference so consumers could decide whether to buy products from them, officials said.

Taiwan doctors find root of Asians people's gum disease

Taiwan doctors find root of Asians people's gum diseaseTaipei - Taiwan doctors have found that many Asian people suffer gum disease due to extra or fused dental roots, press reports said Saturday.

Taiwan culls goats after pox outbreak on two farms

Taipei  - Taiwan slaughtered 210 goats on two goat farms near Taipei following goat pox outbreak on 2 goat farms, a newspaper said on Sunday.

The China Times said that goats began to fall ill on the two farms in Taoyuan County in May, and on June 27, laboratory tests confirmed goat pox had broken out on these farms.

From July 1-4, the Council of Agriculture slaughtered the 210 infected goats on the two farms and disinfected the farms.

Half of Taiwan women fake orgasm, and growing tired of it

Taipei - Sex LifeHalf of Taiwan women fake orgasm so as not to hurt their husbands' egos but 30 per cent plan to speak up or seek divorce unless their husbands improve their love-making techniques, a study showed on Wednesday.

The finding was made by the Taiwan Women's Health Association in is survey of the sex life of 400 women aged 30-60.

Taipei to give free funerals to those who donate organs

Taipei  - The Taipei city government will offer free-of- charge funerals for people who have donated their organs as part of a bid to encourage people to sign organ-donation cards, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

The government passed the measure on holding free funeral for organ donors Tuesday. A health ministry funeral subsidy will go to the deceased who have donated their heart, kidney, liver and pancreas, but the city government plans to extend it to also cover those who have donated corneas, bones and skin, the Liberty Times reported.

Taiwan fails for 12th year to rejoin World Health Organization

World Health OrganizationTaipei - Taiwan has failed for the 12th consecutive year in its bid to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO), but Taipei vowed to continue the fight next year, a newspaper said Tuesday.

30,000 Taiwan policemen succeed in shedding 45 tons of weight

Taipei  - Some 30,000 Taiwan policemen have succeeded in shedding 45 tons of weight in a three-month weight-loss campaign, the Central News Agency (CNA) said on Sunday.

According to CNA, 33,329 cops joined that nationwide slim-down campaign launched by the National Police Administration (NPA) on January 21.

When the campaign ended on April 20, the participants have lost a total of 45,280 kilograms of weight, averaging 0.7 kilogram per person.

Taiwan to require detailed labeling of veggie food

Taipei  - Taiwan, for religious and health reasons, plans to require food manufacturers to provide detailed identification of vegetarian food, the Department of Health said on Thursday.

Under the new rule, food manufacturers must identify the content of the veggie food according to five categories on the outside of the food package.

The five categories are pure veggie, milk veggie, egg veggie, egg/milk veggie and plant veggie.

Chinese are prone to developing Parkinson's disease, study says

Parkinsons diseaseTaipei  An international study led by Taiwan doctors showed that Chinese have a higher chance of developing Parkinson's disease due to a gene mutation, the Central News Agency said on Wednesday.

A team of doctors from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and the United States carried out the research after finding that Chinese have a higher incidence of developing Parkinson's disease.

30 per cent of Taiwan students have contemplated suicide

Taipei - Taiwan high school students are under so much pressure that 30 per cent of them have contemplated suicide and 20 per cent have inflicted injury upon themselves, according to a survey published Sunday.

The Common Health magazine poll of 3,435 high school students showed that many suffer from school pressure and relationship problems with parents, schoolmates and friends.

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