Revolutionary new radio wave surgery heals asthma patients

 Revolutionary new radio wave surgery heals asthma patients  London, June 8: A new surgery for asthma patients that uses radio waves to open up their airways has been found to dramatically reduce the debilitating symptoms and help patients lead normal lives.

Repeated asthma attacks cause lung tissue to thicken but the new treatment ‘burns’ this away, opening up airways to make breathing easier, reports the Daily Mail.

The ‘bronchial thermoplasty’ procedure was carried out last week on a middle-aged woman at Wythenshawe hospital in Manchester.

In the surgery, a tube is inserted through the patient’s nose and down into their lungs.

A wire with a basket-like structure at the end is fed down the tube and heated up, producing radio waves to burn away tissue in blocked airways.

The operation takes an hour and is repeated a month and then two months later until nearly all of the inflamed airways are treated.

“It’s very exciting. It may be a new option for patients with severe asthma who have symptoms despite use of drug therapies,” said Rob Niven, a consultant chest physician who carried out the surgery last week.

However, the treatment is suitable only for severe sufferers. (ANI)