Six-year-old Chinese boy to get artificial ear

Six-year-old Chinese boy to get artificial earBeijing, Feb 11 - A six-year-old boy, whose ears were allegedly cut off by his aunt in China's Hubei province, will get an artificial ear surgically attached, his father said Tuesday.

The right ear of the boy was operated upon and reattached at a hospital in Xiangyang city Jan 28, the day it was cut off. An artificial ear would be attached on the left side, said the boy's father.

The boy has been transferred to another hospital for the surgery, Xinhua reported citing his father.

The father said the boy's hearing has not been affected.

The hospital would treat the boy free of cost though people have donated 35,000 yuan (around $5,775) for his treatment, the father said.

On Jan 28, the boy's aunt allegedly took him outside the house, severing both his ears with a fruit knife and leaving wounds on his chin, after arguments with family members over house construction in a city, according to police.

The aunt has been detained and further investigation is under way.(IANS)