Study shows German men are accident prone

Berlin - Young German men have a higher than average chance of experiencing an accident, according to a new study.

Of 1,000 German men aged between 15 and 24 years, 111 will be involved in an accident every year.

Men between 25 and 34 were less likely to have an accident with 86 from 1000 hurting themselves annually.

The national average for all Germans, male and female, is about 65 people from every 1000, according to the German Insurance Association in Berlin.

The association says the figures show men are more likely to engage in risky activities than females.

Men are more likely to test their limits while playing sport which accounts for many accidents.

Physical contact sports such as soccer or handball lead the list of accident prone pastimes. Most injuries are to the knees, ankles, skull, hands and shoulders.

One way of preventing such injuries and improve mobility is to stretch muscles before playing sport. (dpa)