Vitamin Supplements Are Risky, Says European Scientists

Vitamin SupplementsEuropean scientists have carried out an analysis and discovered that people who depend on vitamin tabs, in place of eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, are doing more harm than good.

The researchers said that three supplements including Vitamin A, Vitamin E and beta carotene can raise death rates among those taking them.

But, Vitamin C and selenium tablets have no effect as such.

Lead researcher Goran Bjelakovic of Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark said, “Our findings contradict the findings of observational studies claiming that antioxidants (commonly found in Vitamin supplements) improve health.”

The experts combined results of several clinical examinations to evaluate the total effects of vitamin pills.

The researchers examined 47 low-bias tests, comprising 180,938 people and detected that vitamin supplements as a whole raised their mortality rate by 5%.

When the supplements were taken separately, beta carotene augmented death rates by 7%, Vitamin A by 16% , and Vitamin E by 4%.