Wait for women's libido-boosting drugs just got longer

Wait for women's libido-boosting drugs just got longerWashington, Dec. 12 - A US pharmaceutical company, which is developing drugs to treat low sexual desire in women, has revealed that they have reached an impasse with the Food and Drug Administration over its drug, flibanserin.

Since women's sexual issues are more psychological, than physical, Sprout Pharmaceuticals said that the drug works by acting on brain chemicals connected to mood and appetite, Fox News reported.

Despite of women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder reporting boost in sexual desire and reduction in stress with the drugs, the FDA has twice rejected flibanserin since 2010.

Cindy Whitehead, Sprout's chief operating officer, said that there are now

24 drugs for men for either testosterone replacement or erectile dysfunction, yet there are zero drugs for the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women.

The US firm acquired flibanserin from a German drugmaker in 2011, after they abandoned development of the daily pill following an FDA rejection. (ANI)