Women using birth control pills prone to breast cancer risk

Women using birth control pills prone to breast cancer riskWashington, Aug 2 - A new study has revealed that women, who recently used birth control pills with high-dose estrogen are prone to increased risk for breast cancer.

Elisabeth F. Beaber, PhD, , a staff scientist in the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington stated that their results suggested that the use of contemporary oral contraceptives in the past year was associated with an increased breast cancer risk relative to never or former oral contraceptive use, and that this risk may vary by oral contraceptive formulation.

Beaber asserted that their results required confirmation and should be interpreted carefully and breast cancer was rare among young women and there were several established health benefits associated with oral contraceptive use that must be considered.

Birth control pills containing low-dose estrogen did not increase breast cancer risk.

The study is published in journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. (ANI)