Coke to be sold in biodegradable plastic bags in many countries

Coke to be sold in biodegradable plastic bags in many countriesLondon, July 8  : The iconic Coca-Cola bottle, which is recognisable around the world and has barely changed since it first hit shelves in 1894, will now have a new look.

The soda company has announced it plans to start selling drinks in biodegradable plastic bags in many countries.

The bags - which originated in El Salvador and spread across South America - are billed as a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to cans and bottles, the Daily Mail reported.

Coca-Cola said that the plastic bags replicate the look of the classic bottle shape, but they are unlikely to impress aficionados, many who believe the only way to sample the drink is out of a cold glass bottle.

For years, people in South American countries have had their bottles of Coca-Cola poured into plastic bags so that they do not have to pay a deposit on the returnable glass bottles.

Coca-Cola noticed this trend, and decided to make their own - bottle shaped, and branded - bags.

The drinks maker says "it delivers the full customer experience and we recover our famous branding" - and they will now sell it all around the world.

Coca-Cola has come under pressure in recent years to produce more eco-friendly packaging for their drinks. (ANI)



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