Workplace stress dubbed ‘Black Death of 21st century’

 Workplace stress dubbed ‘Black Death of 21st century’ London, Oct 5 : Stress has become the most common cause of long-term sick leave in Britain, a new survey has revealed.

Experts say that the psychological condition has become so widespread that it is now the ‘21st century equivalent of the Black Death’.

How the body responds to shock or acute stress

stressWashington, Feb 9 : Our body''''s response to stress begins in the brain, and a family of proteins plays a prominent role in regulating this mechanism, suggests a new study.

Stress may hasten melanoma tumor growth

Bullying at school could be good for kidsWashington, Jan 31 : A new study has revealed that stress might intensify the progression of melanoma tumors in patients with the particularly aggressive form of skin cancer.

Brain scanning shows stress disrupts thinking in men

Brain scanning shows stress disrupts thinking in menWashington, January 28: Scanning the brains of 20 male medical students preparing for their board exams, an American research team has found that stress disrupts human thinking.

Playing Tetris can help reduce trauma

Playing Tetris can help reduce traumaLondon, Jan 7: Playing the computer puzzle game "Tetris" can help reduce the symptoms of traumatic stress, claim scientists.

In the study, British researchers found that playing the popular video game shortly after the trauma helped wipe out the bad memories and reduce distressing flashbacks, reports the Telegraph.

Waiting for results more stressful than knowing you’ve failed

StressWashington, Nov 21: Individuals often face uncertainty in their daily life, however, the ambiguity can sometimes be more stressful than clear negative feedback for some people, says a new study.

The new research from University of Toronto, the scientists examined whether people reacted more strongly to negative or to uncertain feedback.