Longer the school lunch periods, more the healthy eating

short lunch periods in schoolsWashington D.C, Sept 12 - A recent study has linked short lunch periods in schools to less healthy eating among kids.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health study states that students with less than 20 minutes to eat school lunches consume significantly less of their entrees, milk, and vegetables than those who aren't as rushed.

`Gut-bacterial personalization` may be the next big diet trend

Weight LossWashington D.C, Sept 11 - As per a new study, your stomach bacteria determine which diet is best for weight reduction.

New research enables "tailored" diet advice, based on our personal gut microbiome, for persons who want to lose weight and reduce the risk of disease.

Docs successfully replace heart valve outside heart

doctorsWashington, Aug 14 - Doctors in the United States have successfully performed the heart valve replacement surgery using a minimally invasive procedure outside the heart for the first time.

Mouth bacteria changes its diet when you are sick

Mouth bacteriaHouston : Bacteria inside the mouth change their metabolism when a person is diseased, according to a new study which may lead to better ways to prevent gum disease, diabetes and Crohn's disease.

There is no standard method for brushing teeth: Study

brushing teethWashington, Aug 9 - A study has revealed that th

Now, miracle 'squid' pill to benefit brain, heart

Now, miracle 'squid' pill to benefit brain, heartLondon, July 31 - A new supplement called Bioglan Calamari Gold pill made from squid has been launched that has five times more Omega-3 than cod liver capsules and helps in improving brain and heart function.