Leading academics call for `radical` action to assure health for entire India

Weight gain between pregnancies ups stillbirth risk

Weight gain between pregnancies ups stillbirth riskLondon, Dec 3 - A new study has linked weight gain between pregnancies to the increased risk of stillbirth and infant death.

Now, 'meat treat' that keeps hangovers at bay

Now, 'meat treat' that keeps hangovers at bayLondon, Nov 29 - With the Christmas parties soon upon us, the hangover-treatment industry is inventing new and enticing cures.

One of the latest miracle cures to hit the shelves in 2015 is a meat snack, developed by Serious Pig, a Peckham-based craft meat business, the Independent reported.

What successful kids' parents have in common

What successful kids' parents have in commonLondon, Nov 29 - There isn't any magical formula that guarantees your child's success, but science says there are some things that parents of the successful children have in common.

A psychological research has pointed to a few parenting methods that can help predict success, the Independent reported.

Parents you may want to take note of these:

Make your heart smile with `healthy` choco pills

Make your heart smile with `healthy` choco pillsLondon, Nov 22 - There's a new chocolate in town, which is healthy, calorie-free, and no fun at all. A new research has introduced chocolate in a pill.

The cocoa extract in the nutritional supplement, which includes the compound flavanols, is said to improve blood circulation and help keep a healthy heart, the Independent reports.

Sticks, stones may break your bones, but words will bloat you!

Obesity SocietyLondon, Nov 16 : Your vocabulary may be making you fat, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and The Obesity Society, claims to have found that hearing certain words makes us reach for unhealthy food, the Mirror reported.


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