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''Healthy life years'' matter more than life expectancy after 50

London, Nov 17 : A new study has shown that the number of years of healthy active life people live after the age of 50 varies greatly across Europe.

The study, conducted by Professor Carol Jagger and colleagues of the University of Leicester, found that people grew old most comfortably in Denmark, where men could look forward to 23.6 ‘healthy life years’ and women 24.1.

Tiny sacs released by cancer cells may pave way for brain tumour treatment

Tiny sacs released by cancer cells may pave way for brain tumour treatmentLondon, November 17 : Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers say that brain tumour cells release tiny sacs called microvesicles, which contain information that may prove helpful in developing an effective treatment for the disease.

Stress-related white hair may soon be reversible to original colour

London, Nov 14 : Researchers from Manchester University and Lubeck University, in Germany, have created a drug that restores white hair to its natural colour.

The new drug provides hope to people whose hair has turned white because of illness or extreme stress.

In order to make the discovery, the research team used a molecule to stimulate the pigment responsible for hair colour.

But they said the technique still had to be tested on humans and would not reverse the natural greying process.

Peppermint oil, soluble fibre ‘effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome’

Irritable Bowle SyndromeLondon, Nov 14 : Older remedies like peppermint oil and soluble fibre are effective treatments for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), say researchers.

IBS is characterised by abdominal pain and an irregular bowel habit. A wide range of therapies is currently used including fibre supplements, probiotics, antidepressants, hypnotherapy and laxatives.

HIV vaccine fails to give promising results

HIV vaccine fails to give promising resultsLondon, Nov 13: A clinical trial testing the effectiveness of what was believed to be a promising new HIV vaccine has resulted in failure.

The vaccine, made by the pharmaceutical company Merck, offered no protection against infection by the Aids virus.

Boffins develop new way to study breast cancer spread

Boffins develop new way to study breast cancer spreadLondon, Nov 13 : Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have revolutionised the field of breast cancer study by describing a method of viewing individual breast cancer cells for several days at a time.