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Is singlehood taking over wedded bliss?

London, Aug. 7 : All single people cherish your days, as a psychologist has claimed the idea of wedded bliss is largely a myth.

With menopause reversal, women can get more fertile years

London, Jul 22 : For those who thought their childbearing years were over, there's a good news - a team of researchers has found a way to keep you going even after menopause.

A plate full of veggies can shoo your blues

London, Jul 11 : Turns out, finding happiness is as simple as eating your greens!

Link between paracetamol, autism risk dismissed

London, Jul 4 : Moms-to-be, you don't have to ditch your painkiller anymore as scientific experts have dismissed claims of a link between paracetamol and autism.

Viagra can cut heart attack risk

London, Jun 20 : The little blue pill that helps men have sex can also be used to ward off heart attacks and heart failures, according to a recent study.

Blocking female sex hormone may help fight immune disease

Researchers have found that a female sex hormone may help patients suffering from a serious immune disease which is majorly represented by the thickening of skin.