Indian banking professionals are in great demand in GCC

Leading human resource firm GlobalHunt said in its latest survey that Indian Banking Professionals are in great demand in Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

They are required for functions such as relationship management, sales and marketing, new product launch, back and front office operations and technology support across all levels given to their business acumen and devotion toward work.

GlobalHunt India Director Sunil Goel, said,  "Many companies in Africa and UAE are trying to attract Indian banking professionals, as they can handle volumes and have seen the full life cycle of banking in India from various transactions."

Global market saw 25 per cent rise in Indian banking professionals and firms are leaving no stone unturned for making use of their expertise and experience. Companies don’t hesitate to offer them with fabulous packages for exploring new business dimensions. They are ready to pay them double compensation for taking new assignments and attractive compensation.

Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa in addition to the West Asia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, all are keen to have Indian business professionals working with them.