Investigators Return to Recreation Center Where Tamir Rice Was Shot

It has been almost five months since the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was fatally shot by Cleveland police Officer Timothy Loehmann.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department and the Bureau of Criminal investigations on Sunday, returned back to the site to recreate the November 22nd scenario outside the recreation center.

It was found that several vans from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation arrived at the Cudell Recreation Center about 9 am on Sunday.

Sheriff’s deputies sealed the area with yellow caution tape, and placed cruisers at every entrance. The investigators cleared the area by 2:30 pm, said sources.

Although the investigators present there did not disclose the reason as to why they were present there, but they placed a cruiser in the exact spot where the Cleveland police car pulled into before Tamir was shot and killed in November.

Sources familiar with the situation told that the investigators placed several cameras at dozens of different places, and the investigators gathered several spots throughout the park as the morning progressed.

Seeing at the activities of the investigators it could be said that they were in search of something, but it is still unclear what they were looking for.

Video of the shooting from a nearby surveillance camera shows Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann shooting Tamir just moments after he got out of a patrol car.

It was told that the 12-year-old boy had been carrying an airsoft pistol that resembled a real handgun.

The shooting of the kid sparked several days of protests and an official investigation on the incident.

The Cleveland Division of Police department has been examining the fatal shooting internally, but the investigation was turned over to the sheriff's office in January.