Kaiser Permanente to Open Medical School in Southern California By 2019
Kaiser Permanente to Open Medical School in Southern California By 2019

Kaiser Permanente On Thursday announced that it is planning to open a medical school in Southern California by almost 2019. The company also said that it will be making more recruitments of minority students and teach doctors.

According to the company, achieving the goals of recruiting more minority students and teaching doctors has been a dream of medical schools throughout the country since long.

According to the Assn. of American Medical Colleges, several ethnic groups in medical schools are under-represented. This raises concerns that doctors might struggle to treat some minority groups like Latinos that make about 17% of the US population but only 9% of medical students.

Kaiser group's chief academic officer James Prescott acknowledging that one of its new school’s main focus will be on diversity, said, “When a school starts, it's important to understand their mission, and when Kaiser says diversity and meeting needs of community are top goals, it's powerful”.

In 2014, at the University of California medical schools there were just 7% black students, and 12% Latino, showed UC statistics. These numbers have increased from those of 2010, when 4% of students in medical schools were black and 8% were Latino.

Carmen A. Puliafito, the dean of USC's Keck School of Medicine, said in a statement that USC has focused on spending more on scholarship funds to recruit more and the best and brightest, including the minorities. Only 6% of students at USC are black and 8% are Latino.

James Grant, UC Riverside spokesman, said there is a high need of physicians in many parts of the state that do not get proper medical help.

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