88-year-old woman puts the squeeze on intruder

Washington - An 88-year-old woman living in Oregon grabbed and squeezed the crotch of a naked man who had broken into her home, causing enough pain to force the would-be burglar to flee.

The man, identified as Michael Gordon Dick (not a joke), was later captured by police and charged with attempted burglary, harassment and private indecency, according to media reports Wednesday.

The woman was in her bathrobe early Tuesday morning when she encountered Dick in her home. The 46-year-old assailant forced her into her living room and shoved her face down on a chair, the Portland Tribune reported.

The women proceeded to reach behind her and grab Dick's crotch before "giving him a good squeeze," Deputy Paul McRedmond of the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office said.

Dick broke free and fled. He was picked up later by police, who recognized him from an arrest in May of masturbating in a vehicle near a school bus, the newspaper reported. The woman asked police to withhold her identity. (dpa)


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