Hong Kong Peeping Tom survives 10 storey fall after spying

Hong KongĀ  - A suspected Peeping Tom was critically injured Saturday after falling 10 floors while allegedly spying on a woman taking a bath in her high-rise Hong Kong flat.

The man was a neighbour of the 28-year-old woman and had apparently scaled the outside of the apartment block to shoot film of her with his mobile phone camera, police said.

The woman screamed for her husband when she spotted the suspect, aged 44, who then slipped and fell, falling 10 storeys to the ground, according to police.

Emergency crews at the scene Friday morning say the man only survived because his fall was broken by a tree at the foot of the apartment block.

A police spokesman said the man was in hospital in critical condition early Saturday morning. He is expected to face criminal charges if he recovers. (dpa)


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