LG, GM team up to develop Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle
LG, GM team up to develop Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle

General Motors (GM), American Multinational Corporation headquartered in Detroit, is involving LG, which is famous for its TVs, appliances and smart phones, in the development of its forthcoming Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle. This deal makes LG a part of electronics manufacturers and a partner of GM in developing one of the upcoming cars.

LG, multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul, is a huge company with multiple businesses and it is not shocking to see that the company would want to enter into this risky voyage. Besides electronics and devices that are consumer-ready, LG also deals in batteries and display. The latter is the reason for the partnership with GM.

LG calls this electrical vehicle a sophisticated ride. LG will not only be involved with batteries, but it has many more components to add to Chevy Bolt. Other components include an on-board charger, an Electric Drive Motor built from GM’s design, instrument cluster and accessory power module.

This is not the first deal of LG with an automobile maker. Apart from Chevy Bolt partnership, the electronics company was also involved with Audi's Prologue. This year at Consumer Electronics Show, Audi boasted about its custom LG smartwatch, a watch that will find its path to LG Watch Urbane (LTE). This LG smartwatch can be used to control the car. Given LG’s stronger bonds with GM, may be in future, these two will also come up with a similar integration of LG's smartphones and smartwatches.

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